Kenny Dorham and the Jazz Prophets Vol.1(1956)

Track Selection: “The Prophet”


Kenny Dorham (tp) J.R. Monterose (ts) Dick Katz (p) Sam Jones (b) Arthur Edgehill (d)NYC, April 4, 1956


Dorham duets with JR Monterose on happy varied arrangements, with Dorham in his characteristic  fast-stacatto mode driving the pace.

I don’t believe there is a Volume 2 release, and the label makes no mention of it being Volume 1, which legend appears only on the cover.

Vinyl: ABC-Paramount ABC 122

The pressing is mono, with a rich dynamic range, deep groove confims its mid-late 50’s provenance, along with the thick card jacket.  Produced by Creed Taylor, which may explain something of the quality.

Collectors Corner

This rare little beauty was sitting on a London record store shelf, unloved and unwanted , due to a visible but “looks worse than it plays” scratch across one side. On closer examination it could hardly be felt, and plays with just a slight faint tick audible in quieter parts, of which there are not many. Negotiating a reduction to just £10 from an optimistic £30 pushed me into buying.

I have since found a Japanese pressing of the same record. Sounds pretty good, though not as good as the original, even with the scratch.

3 thoughts on “Kenny Dorham and the Jazz Prophets Vol.1(1956)

  1. Oh, I believe you. I promised myself to go to my fav record shop in town next coming Saturday and do some serious digging. Maybe this time I’ll get lucky. Last time I dug in the crates, I only found the regular Louis Armstrong best of stuff, combined with piles of bad Italian compilations from Erroll Garner…

  2. Hi Matty, thanks for comment! I have found once you leave the safe harbour of Blue Note, in the words of the Fairy Tale princess, “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your handsome prince.”

  3. Admitted, the front cover isn’t all that climatic, but the labels and the back cover make up for that. Once again that voice in the back of my mind “why don’t I ever run into shelved away little beauties like this?” Sigh… Dorham, Monterose… Just lovely 😉

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