John Coltrane “Impressions” (1963)

Track Selection:  “After the Rain”:


John Coltrane (ss, ts) Eric Dolphy (as, bcl -2) McCoy Tyner (p) Jimmy Garrison, Reggie Workman (b) Elvin Jones (d) recorded “Village Vanguard”, NYC, November 3, 1961


A potpourri of Contrane live and studio recordings beetween 1961 and 1963. Typically one fourteen minute track on each side (“India” and “Impressions”), filled with shorter pieces, it gives you a wide spectrum of Coltrane’s playing on Soprano saxophone paired with Dolphy’s bass clarinet. Reputedly this record was the source inspiration of The Byrds album “Eight Miles High”

I’m not as big on Coltrane’s later “spiritual” phase as many hard-core Coltraneists  (sharp intake of breath from hardcore jazzers), preferring his pre-1960 work, however all good things come to those who wait, eventually.

Vinyl: 1st UK release HMV CLP1695 mono of US Impulse A-42

Though ABC were later to release Impulse records in the UK under its own Impulse label, at this point in time HMV held the distribution agreement and most of Coltrane’s work is to be found on the HMV black label, with pressing by Decca from the look of the  machine stamp matrix codes.. Black label with coloured Nipper, heavy vinyl and quality pressing ensure it is musically and sonically the equal of the US version, but withought the collectible price premium.

2 thoughts on “John Coltrane “Impressions” (1963)

  1. This man is my musical hero.
    Half of this record comes from Vanguard live recordings 1961: these are a consistent group published in several records in different years, even after Coltrane’s death.
    They are gathered in a 4 cd box set, 22 tracks with 3 previously unreleased.
    Trane+Dolphy: I can’t resist.

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