Crime Watch, Vinyl Edition

 The Record Detectives, Crime Scene Investigation,

“We have victim of  assault with a felt-tipped weapon. Blue Note, New Yorker I would guess, around fifty years old, weight about 180 grams,  a nasty case of “Writing On Label” (WOL). Never stood a chance. Why would any one do such a thing, Captain?”

“I think it may be a crude attemt at forgery that went wrong. That “63” may be part of an address May be they were trying to alter the address on the label to 63 something”

“What, you mean, like 47 West 63rd Street?.

“Precisely! The alteration to the address was very crude, and in this case, fatal. I want every Blue Note collector brought in for questioning. Check for black ink marks on their fingertips. We may not have a lot of time before they strike again.”

 To be continued, in next weeks episode of The Record Detectives…

What a thing to do to a beautiful record. Looks like the work of a Radio Station DJ, wanting to file and retreive in a hurry, no other consideration. The frightening thought is there must be at least another 62 records from the archive treated like this somewhere out there, possibly more. The good news as previously announced, is that the actual condition of the vinyl aside from a few superficial marks, is near perfect. I can swap covers, but the label is going to have to stay.God knows what the “42” was all about. Re-indexing the archive. Still, the price reflected the damage done to the cover and label, only £20. The Vinyl was VG++.

Gruesome detail from the Vinyl Crime Scene – click through to view at 1600 pixel. Contains scenes some viny collectors may find distressing (Parental Discretion Advisory)

Or soothe your cares away with the beauty of Cannonball Adderly’s Alto solo on “Autumn Leaves”:


15 thoughts on “Crime Watch, Vinyl Edition

    • I had a real fight to get Idle Moments. Hardly ever turns up on ebay (If youve got it,why sell it?) As I recall there were 12 bids, and it finished at £98, plus cost of post from the US. It’s a Stereo copy – one time I prefer stereo, as that Henderson solo at 8 minutes just emerges from the right speaker unexpectedly with those deep velvet tones, extraordinary moment. I lived with a Scorpio reissue, then I had a Liberty, then an acousic sounds 45rpm double,and finally I got an original. I’ts not a perfect copy, has a few clicks and pops I would rather it hadn’t, but the real thing is magnificent, a must

  1. Autumn leaves in Stereo is fantastic – you have to get a copy 🙂 You are a collector after all, you need the stereo just to be complete….

  2. I hate to say it, but the Flickr link doesn’t work properly for me here: when I click on it, I have to log in with my Yahoo account? I don’t have a Yahoo account… Usually your Flickr links immediately open your photo albums. If you can do something about it, then that would be swell 😉

  3. And now the question of a spoiled brat: can you make the photos of the molested 1595 “clickable”, so that we can see them in full detail through Flickr? The above three-thumbnail collage doesn’t show enough detail. Or do I now sound like a freak who wants to see every gory detail of a crime scene? 😉

  4. Hey London, drank too much?
    the day alto sax will grow up to tenor is still far away.
    By now I don’t remember Cannonball puttin’ the bigger horn in his mouth.
    For me this solo is one of the best ALTO solos in jazz history.
    Vinyl writers must be prosecuted: they are not allowed to sell slaughters like this.
    I admit I don’t remember having ever bought a record like this, but gonna check.

    • English humour. Usually a sign of not having drunk enough Dott.

      That solo, unforgivable error, my bad, Cannonball on Alto of course. Thanks for the correction.It is a sublime solo – just the right balance between the figures and the grace notes, perfectly placed against the key changes, wonderful playing, timing and sense of space.

  5. Could it be a very crude library copy? Section 42. no. 63? At least it is in good playing condition. I have a VG++ NY copy too. Stereo. Nice 🙂 I love the title also, its like, “hey, here’s somethin else…” Bam!

    • Always wondered how the stereo worked with this record. I have only mono. I absolutely adore Autumn Leaves. Adderleys solo is one of my favourite alto solo’s

      , on a par with Joe Henderson’s entry at 8 minutes on Grant Green’s Idle Moments (14 minutes long)

      , and Tina Brooks on the Felsted version of The Connection/ Sister Salvation:
      (I can only find the Mclean Version, which is not as good, here:

      This is a great record.

  6. Let’s get Ducky on this. It seems likely there was an intent to cover up the original label before disposing of the LP.

    We need to get under the surface.

    This may seem like a victimless crime, but the cost to people’s emotional investment can never be underestimated.

    • D.I. Pettigrew, I thought you had been taken off this case. We don’t want Vinyl Vigilantes roaming the streets, out to seek revenge. The record collecting community is a tinderbox right now. One more push it could all go up in flames.

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