Freddie Redd: Flying Economy Class? Upgrade to “Blue Note Class”

Collectors Corner You probably have a list of records which you would most dearly like to own an original of, the best possible copy. Mine is a half dozen titles long, and whenever I see one come up on eBay, it is always the same story. Final morning of the auction it’s sitting maybe just below the top of my price range. An hour before close it’s already double that. Only in the closing minute do the serious bidders show their hand, the trophy hunters: Tokyo is online, Berlin check, London calling,  and the real action can take place… £500…£700…£1,000…over in a flash, bye bye!I was intruiged when a listing for a title in my list, 4045 Freddie Redd “Shades of Redd”  appeared with a little “buyers dilema” thrown in: no cover. The last copy I saw of this from the Swedish premium seller Sweedee went for just short of £500 a few weeks ago. A desirable record, first press Blue Note, in VG++ /E- condition. What is its’ market value with no cover? More to the point, what is it worth to me? I wanted it! I already own a Japanese pressing by King, so I already have a cover at no cost. For me it’s a perfect upgrade.

The trophy hunters wouldn’t consider it. Cover or not, I have got to go for it, as there won’t be another chance to own this record at a reasonable price. The penny-ante punters were already bidding loose change. Serious bidders don’t show their hand early: why give away an advantage? Final morning of the auction it had reached the dizzying height of £18 from its opening £2.99. An hour before close it had jumped to £83, meaning it was never going to be a cheap upgrade. Be prepared to put up serious money to have any chance of taking it home.

I am not a poker player, but eBay has some elements of a poker game. There are bidders out there looking at the same screen, trying to guess the other players hands. At some point in the raising of bids, poker players say something like “Too rich for me” and throw in their hand. I saw that in a Western once. As the minutes ticked down, I updated the value of my snipe several times. Cue Serge Leone Ennico Morricone soundtrack: grizzled eBay bidders drew their weapons for the final shoot out. I gave it my best snipe and went off to make a cup of coffee, unable to watch the outcome and convinced it was lost. You can guess the result…because you are reading it here.

A good result in two ways – I collect to play and it plays lovely, and second, it came in at around two thirds of my maximum bid, so it’s a bargain for me. Another way to look at it, harking back to the Swedish £500 auction, is like this: “Blue Note Record: £100: Blue Note cover £400 . Can be purchased separately”. I am happy. (Anyone know anyone who wants to sell an original 4045 cover? No. Didn’t think so.)

Taste here:

1960 original 1st pressing on 47 West 63rd NYC labels Double Deep Groove

Japan, King Record Company Jacket (1983)

18 thoughts on “Freddie Redd: Flying Economy Class? Upgrade to “Blue Note Class”

  1. For twenty years I had a copy of Lou Donaldson’s Good Gracious sitting on my shelf without a cover. Last year I was in a flee market in Mississippi and I found an empty cover for the correct (1st I think) press.
    The moral? Never give up on that dream


  2. Hi again 😉
    Well I’m not the one to tell you what to do….;-)
    I’m sure it works – especially if SQ is not top priority and youtube is the goal. However, if you do it right you’d be surprised (like me) how much of the SQ in the LP grooves that actually survives when you burn a CD from the ripped music. It’s like your own mastering plant 😉
    I’ve used only 10m cables between stereo and PC (which worked fine) but 30m is really pushing it.
    Give the Ion it a try 😉


  3. Good thought but my HiFi and computer are one floor and probably 30 metres apart, and neither is portable without the assistance house-movers. It may still be worth trying the Maplins Ion turntable which connects directly to the PC by USB and comes with conversion software, May be combination of rip and upload to Youtube…


  4. Hi again!
    No don’t go the budget way….;-) Connect a rec-out from your riaa-amp directly to a PCs sound card for best quality. I haven’t done it myself but it is possible to rip in higher resolutions that CDs 16bit/44khz and it could be awesome I guess.
    I did not really mean like full LP rips just samples of what YOU have found in the grooves.


  5. I have been musing that self-same thought. I am looking into a budget turntable ripping machine, as with YouTubes you are limited to what others have posted. As regards sharing full rips, I am told you risk getting a “cease and desist” legal notice breach of copyright. I’ll come up with something before too long!


      • Sorry, I re-read my post and it should say “Is that YOUR copy spinning….”
        It is indeed a great record 😉
        It would however be even more intruiging to follow your record hunting with sound samples from the aquired items bur I realise it is some work since I’ve ripped some LPs myself. Maybe even more exciting since I understand that you have a great record player and such 😉
        I’m a bit od a vinyl addict myself but it is not easy or cheap to hunt down clean copies of our favourites. I’ve been disappointed many times from original pressings that have been played to much and carelessly and not being cheap either….but the quest goes on 😉


  6. Vinyl..”broken into pieces”? Quelle Horreure. So much for “Unbreakable”!.
    And the old Volume 1&2 mix up.

    We all have “record-breaking horrors” I guess. Because I am what they call “butterfingers” (clumsy) I have to be very careful playing vinyl late at night. It has already cost me one rare record which slipped from my fingers and skated over the spindle. The spindle on my deck is not a nice smooth rounded one, it is a sharp brass screw-thread to mount the puck. Left a nice deep scar the entire length of one side. Still, on the brighter side, the other side is near mint!


  7. I’ve got two monsters: a first pressing of Sonny Rollins on Victor, perfect cover but vinyl broken into pieces. It’s not catalogued among the others.
    A 10″ on Bethlehem by Bobby Scott, Vol.2, containing Vol.1
    In this case I rebought the right complete record so I have two covers Vol.2 and one record each for Vol.1 and 2.
    Maybe I’ll search for a Vol.1 cover, or a complete Vol.1.
    When I discovered the problem, I was 5000 miles away from the shop……


  8. Buying the record only, without the cover, is something I did once when I bought a lot of a total of six LPs for $91 -One of the vinyls was Whims Of Chambers; a true first with Lex. Ave labels etc. The label is ruined but the record plays perfectly. Check it out HERE. It’s the last four snapshots before the John Coltrane Atlantic. And suppose the Liberty reissue of your Freddie Redd has the exact same cover as the original 1st pressing, you can maybe lay hands on one of those? I want to do the same for my Paul Chambers but the only copies I saw on eBay are either UA or Japanese and the UA version, unlike the original cover, carries the the Blue Note logo and the ugly ‘stereo, electronically re-enhanced’ remark on it, so that’s not going to work. Both the UA and Jap pressings are way too expensive as well and so far I wasn’t able to locate a Liberty reissue; hoping that that one will have a cover without all the later artefacts.


    • Only once in a lifetime does a man find a Lexington for a few dollars in a flea market. Nowadays the fleas all have business school diplomas and drive Porsches.
      I have yet to see a Liberty reissue of some of these early classic releases. May be the Liberty Execs in 1966 thought they didn’t have a market, so they concentrated on reissueing selected titles with more “commercial potential”, who knows. For the time being the Japanese and US pressing sleep together in the same jacket. Bless.
      Nice to see those records again in your Picasa. I had forgotten you have the Volume 2 of the Smith I just got the Volume 1. Cool collection.
      Noticed a few German bidders on the auctions this weekend. I reckon the investors have an eye on the Euro and are putting it in vinyl.


  9. Ouch… I wish you had said earlier. I recently binned an original VG++ cover for 4045 Freddie Redd that I had lying around (no vinyl)….

    Only joking. Congrats. Nice price.


    • Good ones! Sadly, expensive.
      Congrats on the 4045–that’s a nice score. At some point a trashed copy will show up online and you can grab it for the cover.


  10. u gotta be very, very lucky to find a cover for it, but a trashed complete 4045 could show up on the market at a reasonable price, so we”ll keep our eyes open for you.
    my copy isn’t for sale,as u can imagine….


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