Miles Davis “Bags Groove” (1954) Prestige/ Esquire


UK Esquire release of Prestige 7109. Miles Davis with Sonny Rollins and Silver on one side,  Monk  and Milt Jackson on the other. “The Modern Jazz Giants” line up from 1954, straight ahead bop. Every expense spared on that alternative cover, though the US original is not a lot to be speak of. The selling point of the record clearly expected to be the names, so it looks like they gave the graphic designer the day off.

Youtube turns up Rollin’s “Airegin” again, and reading some of the comments, there are some who prefer the version on “Cookin'”, but Miles is on top form here. Lines are open, so call now to vote for your favourite version of Airegin. You Decide! (calls from mobiles may cost considerably more…)


Very faint AB (Abbey Mfg.) who created the metalwork supplied to Esquire. I wonder if that EX stamp indicates for “Export”? RVG is there of course as recording and mastering engineer, yet the metal plating and stamper manufacture job is Abbey not Plastylite.



Collectors Notes (Updated September 14, 2016) 

I can’t for the life of me remember where this one came from. One of my first Esquire purchases, before I knew what all the etchings signified, and one of my first posts back in 2011, still in short trousers. I’ve left much of the text as it was originally, just to remind me how much things have moved on.

The pictures however I had to update to my current 2016 standard, as they were simply dreadful. Now at least it looks like the record I own, “3D-real” artefact on a paper white background, 145° delicate drop-shadow, natural colour fidelity, crisp sharp text, and illuminated etchings “in situ”, all photography “watermarked” to assert copyright.

I must get around to adding a track rip, but first this record needs a clean, it predated my Moth RCM and is dusty and mucky.

I notice the YouTube track I inserted originally back in 2011  (I didn’t know how to rip vinyl then) has since been taken down for copyright infringement. Seems a little harsh, as  just about everyone here on this album aside from Rollins has been dead for decades (recorded 1954) . I don’t look at Youtubes as “stealing” (reminder I make no revenue, my blog is loss-making, and I am totally opposed to piracy), more spreading the word through social media about the beauty of modern jazz, generating future interest and sales.

Paying lawyers to diminishing your reach to the next generation of buyers seems pretty self-defeating, but what do I know?  Well, one thing I did learn from decades in business, is that business is often about relationships with professional advisors, who basically buy you lunch with your own money. It’s sort of money-recycling. They say there is no such thing as a free lunch. I can assure you there is.


4 thoughts on “Miles Davis “Bags Groove” (1954) Prestige/ Esquire

  1. this session brought together men from Bop and Hard Bop, old cats with young cats.
    Davis didn’t like Monk’s playing and didn’t want him during his solo.
    That’s it. Not the best session in Davis’ Prestige years.

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