Oliver Nelson Sextet “Screaming the Blues” (1960)

Track Selection: Oliver Nelson Sextet feat Eric Dolphy “Three Seconds” >

NJLP 8243  Richard Williams (tp) Eric Dolphy (as, bcl, fl) Oliver Nelson (as, ts) Richard Wyands (p) George Duvivier (b) Roy Haynes (d)   Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, May 27, 1960

My first experience of playing music was in a Blues Band back in the mid-Sixties when I was lead guitarist. We didn’t amount to anything much, apart from some support band gigs, but I always liked the blues format, and I was intrigued to come across this jazz/blues New Jazz record from 1960, featuring Eric Dolphy, for all the world probably what Jimmy Hendrix might have played like if he had picked up a saxophone instead of a guitar. A lot of similarity in how the lead instrument solo lines develop, the phrasing and vibrato. So I grabbed this UK Esquire release on ebay, against stiff competition. The original Prestige / New Jazz cover below:

NJLP 8243   Oliver Nelson – Screamin’ The Blues

The record offers a variety of blues formats, allowing Nelson and Dolphy to thrash out “air-saxophone” to their hearts content. A different kind of “jazz” for a change, and a welcome one. And it’s got an RVG machine stamp in the runout, indicating a common source mother.

Beautiful laminated cover, the quality of which has not commonly seen on Esquire releases. More New York than British production values, mongrel design, half original, half typography.

6 thoughts on “Oliver Nelson Sextet “Screaming the Blues” (1960)

  1. Hey Londonjazzcollector,
    Thanks, on a related note, What styles of Jazz are “Stolen Moments” by Oliver Nelson and “Pent up House” by Sonny Rollins? I’m guessing that “Stolen Moment” might be blues and “Pent up House” might be Swing, but I’m not sure. Help!! Thanks.
    Keep up the good work

    • I LOVE rare records. I just hate ebay sellers that slap the word “rare” on everything to push up the price.

      I was chatting to a dealer once who had two identical copies of a “rare” Sahib Shihab record. He wanted £100 for one and £150 for the second. “But they are the same” I said. Wrong. If you buy one, that’s one less in circulation. The other one by definition is now more rare. Stands to reason..

    • That’s you and me both! Great thing about that world record store called ebay is that things you have never seen before pop up all the time. Unfortunately, with the Pavlov’s dog word “rare” in the listing.

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