John Eardley Seven “Down East” (1956)

Track Selection: “Leap Year” (George Syran) >

Originally issued as PRLP 7033   “The John Eardley Seven”     Jon Eardley (tp) Milt Gold (tb) Phil Woods (as) Zoot Sims (ts) George Syran (p) Teddy Kotick (b) Nick Stabulas (d) Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, January 13, 1956 

UK release 1956 by Esquire, Prestige’s UK licensee. Covered their tracks pretty well on this one – alternative cover, new made up record title. Original Prestige cover below:

Jon Eardley filling the role of Chet Baker as a member of Gerry Mulligan Quartet and Sextet. His trumpet -playing style described by critics as “more harmonic and virile” than Chet. (Is he trying to tell us something? “more virile”? Suggesting Chet was a bit of a wuss?). Joined by Zoot Sims and Phil Woods for a solid bop excursion. What attracted me initially was Phil Woods, as I love his fluid alto lines, but Zoot I am somewhat new to. He has just the one Blue Note, a luscious encounter with fraulein Jutta Hip (I have only a japanese press but have you seen what originals cost?) On the strength of this I am now a convert to Zoot Sims.

No RVG stamp in the run out on this one, just a machine-stamp PRLP catalogue number – despite the original session being recorded at the Van Gelder studios. Another of those drive-you-crazy anomalies.

(Original Prestige NY label below)

5 thoughts on “John Eardley Seven “Down East” (1956)

  1. Hi LJC, thanks for your comment at Musicology on the Phil Collins post, Always loved Phil since I saw it at 1st Jazz Festival at Cascais in 1971. Loved your LJC blog which will be a source of knowledge. Take care and enjoy!

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