Jackie McLean Quintet int. Bill Hardman “Jackies Pal” (1956)

Track Selection: “Sweet Doll” >

Jackie McLean Quintet Introducing Bill Hardman –  Bill Hardman (tp) Jackie McLean (as) Mal Waldron (p) Paul Chambers (b) Philly Joe Jones (d)  Hackensack, N.J., August 31, 1956

Couldn’t resist posting this UK-Esquire release as over on the JazzCollector site a copy of the US Prestige original of similar  provenance is topping $2000. PRLP 7068 – on the Esquire art work, you can see the change in tone of Jackie’s trouser-cuffs , where the dark blue band is located on the Prestige original. Esquire copied the original photo but used their own typographer to set the text in all-lower case font. Aside from the title, no capitalisation of names. Cheeky.

Esquire labels from 1956, stamped “Return to Library”

Original Master PRLP 7068

RVG hand-inscribed, in the manner of 1956

That looks to me as near a flat-edge as I have seen. Vinyl weight a mighty 220gm.

Original liner notes, yellow sticker residue courtesy of BBC Radio Music Archive label

Collectors Notes

London suburban record store owner through his contacts astutely managed to pick up copies  from the (British Broadcasting Corporation) record archive during one of their periodic clear-outs. Being a professional seller he knew its value and wanted a maximum price, despite having very few walk-in customers for such a delicacy. The spindle holes confirm it had been played just a few times in its fifty five year life. I blanched a bit at his £100 asking price, though I talked him down a fraction by buying another record in the deal. Seeing the price of the contemporary Prestige release at $2,000 I wondered whether I had paid too much, or too little.

Despite having been played only a few times, there are one or two light scratches which sound occasionally. Must have been played at the BBC Radio Archive Christmas Party. Also Jackies alto drifts away from the microphone from time to time – Rudy must have still had a few tricks to learn. Hardman’s trumpet is full of pep. An imperfect record but nevertheless geat stuff.

2 thoughts on “Jackie McLean Quintet int. Bill Hardman “Jackies Pal” (1956)

  1. It would be very nice if you could post a London record shopping guide for everybody who is going to visit London in future. Maybe add the best places to listen to some live jazz music in London ?

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