Teo Macero with the Prestige Jazz Quartet (1957)

Track Selection: “What’s Not” – a ballad >

PRLP 7104 Teo Macero with the Prestige Jazz Quartet: Teo Macero (ts) Teddy Charles (vib) Mal Waldron (p) Addison Farmer (b) Jerry Segal (d) Recorded NYC 27th April 1957, this release by UK Esquire with alternative cover to the original, below:

Macero earns the Cook and Morton pithy soubriquet “remains little known as a saxophonist“. There is something to put on your headstone. May also explain why I knew very little of him, him being “little known”. His claim to fame was apparently production for Miles Davis,which is where I am sure I have seen his name,  but he recorded at least two records as leader, of which this is one.

One of the pleasures of jazz is simply “taste and try”. How else did you come to like all your present favourites? Macero has a relaxed yet piquant tone that is distinctive, just like every one elses does. Each player has his own voice, despite playing the same instrument and being influenced by the same heritage of players. A soupcon of Rollins, a sprinkling of Lester Young, a touch of Parker, add a little whoever, the recipe always comes out slightly different.

A selection of ballads in the main, and a restful relaxing vibe with the vibraphone inevitably pointing in the  direction of “cool”. There are times you don’t want someone tearing down the house, or overtaking the Flight of the Bumble Bee on the inside. Steady pace, perfect evening down tempo.

Labels, Run-out and Liner Notes

The usual Esquire house style, with all the required information.

But what is this? RVG machine Stamp, but accompanied by a Goldmine grading opinion? A little cheeky methinks.

Collectors Notes

A record store find, recently arrived from a musician thinning out his collection. Never seen it before, or since, so it follows the collectors imperative, see it buy it. Decide later if its a good decision. Much later. So now Teo Macero becomes just slightly less well unknown than before.

6 thoughts on “Teo Macero with the Prestige Jazz Quartet (1957)

  1. How ’bout this: the “ex” in the run-out indicates export…? But then again your other Esquire pressings don’t have that ex prefix…

    • Got me stumped this one. Initials are usually people but surnames starting with an “X” are rare. Bet no-one would have guessed the Decca mother code sequence were taken from the word BUCKINGHAM. Not for nothing the British cracked wartime codes with their Enigma machine. It probably means something in the same way 9M does. Question is, does it make it more “rare”?

      • Would the “ex” prefix make it more rare? Good question… Still: looking at the other Esquire trail offs you photographed, the “ex” ain’t present. So my guess is that we’re dealing with a U.S. cut stamper that was meant to be exported to the U.K. to press the record we’re talking about right now. If not, well, then it must be similar to the elusive 9M, leaving us all in limbo about what it really stands for 😉

  2. this is a good record, I like it.
    for those interested I’ve got the other too: it’s a 10″ on Debut.
    curious one for the personnel: Teo on tenor and alto, Lanny Di Jay on accordion, Mingus and Lou Labella on bass, Ed Shaughnessy on drums.
    Dec. 5 1953, titled Explorations.
    on the title track Teo multi recorded 3 tenor and 2 alto parts.
    so he was already interested in altering the whole sound in the early 50s.
    hence his later work with Miles.

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