Harold Land Red Mitchell Quintet “Hear Ye!” (1961)


Selection: “Hear Ye!” (again) 


Carmell Jones (trumpet) Harold Land (tenor sax) Frank Strazzeri (piano) Red Mitchell (bass) Leon Petties (drums) recorded Los Angeles, CA, October 14 and December 13,  1961


Good bop, straight ahead, no time-wasting. I have come to like Land’s playing a lot through his Contemporary West Coast releases and another record is always welcome. Red Mitchell I don’t know, but  am in no doubt how he acquired the nickname “Red” from his cover photo.

Vinyl: Atlantic 1376

Original 1961 1st pressing mono, orange and plum white fan  Atlantic, (not to be confused with the 1964 Black Fan pressing, which is less desirable due to the colour of the fan indicating the later issue) Sound is fantastic.  Certainly the Orange/Green 1975+ Atlantic’s I have had the misfortune to acquire have been universally horrid while the earlier  Orange and Plum have been all good. Cover is a gorgeous glossy laminate, in near perfect condition, carrying the 1841 Broadway address, which some collectors think were the last decent audiophile pressings by Atlantic.


Collectors Corner

I admit this was an impulse purchase from the UK vinyl giant Eil.com, famous for their listings of items “out of stock” and eccentrically high pricing when in stock. However they sometimes turn up the goods, and an email seasonal promotional offer of 40% off, coupled with a 24-hour buy now promotion of an extra 15% off meant it came to a much nicer figure than the original price, enough to get me to push the “buy” button. Bargains are hard to resist, and sometimes it’s nice not to be locked in an auction setting.

Update: Album Photos updated May 11, 2016

10 thoughts on “Harold Land Red Mitchell Quintet “Hear Ye!” (1961)

  1. Just picked this up on the evil silver disc. It’s been rescued from Atlantic’s vaults and issued by a label I’ve not seen before, Collectables. The audio stream was useful as Amazooon had nothing available.

  2. Believe it or not: all tracks on LJC play perfectly for me here. Except this one from Harold Land. I’ve refreshed the cookies of my browser, I checked both at work and at home, but no matter from where I log on to LJC, “Hear Ye!” simply says: ‘file not found’. In the words of the late Mr Spock: “Quite simply captain, I examined the problem from all angles, and it was plainly hopeless.” 😉

  3. Something weird going on here… I was half way through the track, when all of a sudden it stopped playing. After reloading the page, the player now said: “file not found”… I’d say: “re-up, please!” 😉

    • I just played it all the way through and it ran OK – it’s “streaming” ie real-time – so if your internet connection drops for a second you may find it stops. Also if you change pages, or click any links. Seems that is the way streaming works. I’ll upload it again just to be on the safe side.
      Checked second upload seems OK, let me know if you still find a problem.

  4. Excellent. I’m a fan of Red’s playing and was just watching an ebay auction of a solo LP of his on Contemporary–sadly, it got out of my price range.

    I had this one on Atlantic in my hands at a local shop back in the summer, but the condition wasn’t great so I passed.

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