Jimmy Woods Sextet “Conflict!” (1963)

Selected Track: Aim


Carmell Jones (tp) Jimmy Woods (as) Harold Land (ts) Andrew Hill (p) George Tucker (b) Elvin Jones (d) recorded Los Angeles, CA, March 25 & 26, 1963 Sound by Howard Holzer ( so not Roy DuNann)

Andrew Hill is spelled “Hille” on the credits. Everyone else is spelt correctly.


Contemporary signed Woods soon after Ornette Coleman’s departure to Atlantic, perhaps thinking to continue the direction set by Coleman. Conflict! was Wood’s second record   for Contemporary, with more A-list sidesmen than the first. The earlier recording, Awakening!!, shares the same naming convention – one emotional word with an exclamation mark, though Awakening!! has two shriek-marks and Conflict! only one. Exciting!!! Woods’ time in the spotlight was brief, and these two Contemporary releases seem to amount to his entire discography. Couple of recordings with Chico Hamilton 1965-6 and then Woods disappeared completely.

Adventurous hard bop, recorded at a time when bop had mostly passed its golden years and was beginning  look restlessly for new directions, be it free, soul, chart-pop, expressionist angst, or just a musician’s idiosyncratic vision. Elvin Jones contributes his trademark  thunderous moments, and the rest of the sidemen, Hill and Carmell Jones in particular, are models of creative expression.

Sometimes I like to take a look at what Amazon buyers think of a record. Enthusiasts can often alert you to connections or viewpoints you hadn’t  occurred to you.I’m not proud; I’ll steal from anyone. So this is what one reviewer thought of “Conflict”:

“i haven’t listened to this all that much since i got it, but there are some very nice tunes on it and generally superior solos by the likes of andrew hill backed by elvin jones on the drums. if you like obscure stuff with cool people on it you might wanna get this”

A review which earned the writer the following accolade from Amazon shoppers:

 “0 of 11 people found the following review helpful”

I know it is only an Amazon automated programme, but that could definitely hurt someones feelings. It is the precision: not even nought out of ten, but nought out of eleven. That’s like below the bottom score. That is hurtful. I know as a blogger, writing often feels like speaking to an empty room. Often not a lot of feedback, only yourself to laugh at your own jokes, but at least not “Hey LJC, nobody liked your last post! Whadya think of that!!)

Vinyl Vogue LAC 571UK release of Contemporary M3612

Mono, usual solid Decca pressing. Holzers engineering falls some way short of Roy Dunanns, and it does somewhat lack the sparkle of DuNann’s handiwork.


Collectors corner

Not a rare record, not an expensive one, but a nice one to have, even if it’s rather obscure stuff, on account of the cool people on it. You might wanna get this.

10 thoughts on “Jimmy Woods Sextet “Conflict!” (1963)

  1. no, I’m pretty sure all the faithful, from this and the other part of the ocean, read everything round here, I do that, maybe sometimes I can’t get the time to reply to everything, but I wanted to underline the useful infos so dear to jazz collectors as well as odd digressions like the one up here.
    I’ve been reprimented once, but I get on.
    dear Andrew, all gents here learn something everyday and grow their vinyl passion.
    yes, sometimes we laugh; ain’t it good?
    your room is never empty: we are here, glad to be.
    maybe one day I’ll post one of my digressions, still need sometime to go and get an ecography I had last week.

    • Spectacular session! I picked it up without knowing anything about the album. I have the stereo version on Contemporary-S7612

  2. Hi LJC, don’t worry be sure there is always someone ready to read your post immediately even it happens during meeting or for breakfeast ! even for a french guy who didn’t share every your point of about the way we use vinyl records ! 🙂
    Remember Jeanne d’Arc and how you used our Lady !

    • Hi Nicolas.Hope I haven’t been to hard on the French. I love them really – Je l’écris aujourd’hui de mon appartement dans la Belle France. Vraiment.
      J’envoie des apologies de l’affaire Jean d’Arc! C’était un malentendu

  3. Hey LJC,
    Reading your posts always entices me to learn about and search for Lp’s I’ve never heard of before. I get an email every now and then, and when I do, it’s with great excitement because there will usually be some new(old) music that changes my musical landscape for the better.

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