Sonny Stitt “Only the Blues” (1957)

Track Selection: The String


Roy Eldridge (tp) Sonny Stitt (as, ts) Oscar Peterson (p) Herb Ellis (g) Ray Brown (b) Stan Levey (d) recorded Los Angeles, CA, October 11, 1957

Distinguished line up – Oscar Petersen tickling the ivories no less, Herb Ellis a mainstay of Petersen’s Trio, and “Little Jazz” Roy Eldridge on trumpet, one of the pre-bop big band greats. Class West Coast  jazz men playing Blues with Charlie Parker’s most admired “follower”.


“The String,” is note for note the same as his “Eternal Triangle.” The two horns are quite combative and inspire each other.

This is the first time Sonny Stitt and Roy Eldridge have recorded together. Roy, who has reservations about several of the “modernists” in jazz, says of Sonny: “He really comes from the old school. He just kept up. Sonny can get into the meat of a piece where some of the other younger cats can’t. And his really good.”

Amazon customer says: a perfect album. Greatly expressive, and never stops moving in interesting ways

Vinyl: MGV 8250 Verve original  first pressing, deep groove US


Collectors Corner

A bit crackly from time to time, but the music stays on top. Turned up one day out of the blue, how it happens often.

3 thoughts on “Sonny Stitt “Only the Blues” (1957)

  1. You could really wonder why this post do not have any comments? As Sonny Stitt really is one of the greats and this is a very good record. Maybe it is not released by Blue Note? But now it has at least one comment!!

    • Now it has two! The answer is “exposure”. This was among my first posts, written in March 2012. Readership then was very small, only a half dozen subscribers compared with over a thousand today, page-views a day maybe 20 or 30, compared to 1,500 – 2,000 a day today. People naturally tend to look only to the latest posts. My dashboard tells me there is a total of over 950 posts on LJC.

      Posts will be very few this month due to my current personal situation, so I recommend exploring some earlier writing. Some of it is even quite good, if I say so myself.

      • There is a lot of excellent writing and useful information in your previous posts and comments. Thank you! Hope you are well and we hear from you again soon.

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