Blue Note 767 Lexington Avenue Tribute

While nosing around New York, courtesy of only Streetview unfortunately, I found myself slightly underwhelmed by the absence of recognition of the three men who singlehandedly (is that an oxymoron?) made it possible for us to listen to some of the finest music ever produced since 1939: Blue Note Records.

Schmoozing with Obama at the White House was good for Sonny Rollins, but no-one would have known who Sonny is were it not for the hero’s of the recording studio. In particular, the man responsible for the unique Blue Note sound, Rudy Van Gelder, and the enterprise and vision of Blue Note founder Alfred Lion, and the iconic images of Francis Wolff. The legendary address 767 Lexington Avenue bears not a single trace of its history.

In London we are surrounded by blue plaques commemorating which historical figures lived where. Many buildings near the Palais de Festivals, Cannes, home of the Cannes  Film Festival, are emblazoned with images of Hollywood stars. So step forward, Alfred, Rudy and Francis, your time to be recognised has come, at the place it all started, 767 Lexington Avenue, New York City.

Blue Note plaque on the wall, trompe d’oeil Blue Note founders, 767 Lexington Avenue, home of the finest in Jazz since 1939

More important Blue Note addresses are examined here.

9 thoughts on “Blue Note 767 Lexington Avenue Tribute

  1. Don’t worry about permission, just do it one night Banksy style…. Even better sign it as a Banksy and now one will dare remove it!!!

  2. Brilliant!!!

    Then, for a living, I use to work for a company that produce this exact kind of graphic installations.
    I would dream beeing asked from a customer to do something like this!!!!!

  3. anyone noted F. Cohen’s previous job?
    a suggestion: what about a Mount Rushmore edition with OUR portraits?
    u can do it!

    • One step at a time dott! Turning portraits into statues goes a litle beyond my Photoshop skills at this moment, but I’ll work towards it. No doubt there is a Youtube how to do it. When I am ready to turn the “Jazz Lovers” to stone I’ll call.

  4. Brilliant. You just gave the tourist board of New York a perfect landmark for sight seeing, not to mention the thousands of Jazz enthusiast that will all flock to the Big Apple just to have their photo taken with these three kings in the background! 😉

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