We know where you live

Coming up for thirty thousand page views since starting last August, and thanks to the new admin stats at WordPress, I now know where you all live, LJC viewers. (Chart all countries with over 10 views)

I am really surprised how much jazz lovers are a world-wide community. Surprised and delighted, I just wish I could claim the frequent flyer miles.

I want to say “Hello World!”  plenty more Jazz to come. Oh, and apologies for any jokes at the expense of any national stereotypes.

Ah so, Ingrish, no secret, we know where you live too.

Almost as interesting is the cultural and technical void. China India Pakistan Africa Middle East. Probably just as well. EBay is crowded enough as it is!

Anyway, big thank you all for your visit. Its sometimes good to know you are not on your own, though statistically, we may not exist, its good to know the torch still burns bright for jazz  all over the world.

7 thoughts on “We know where you live

  1. Do I’ll be the only one of my country here?
    I enjoy (with some envy) your fine collection… Thanks for sharing your magnificent artworks.
    A big hug from Montevideo, Uruguay.

  2. Hmmmm… The Netherlands at thirteenth position… In a way disappointing in an another way encouraging: maybe the lack of interest from my country cuts down the field for a rookie collector like me, scavenging the local online 2nd hand stores! 😉

    • I thnk you are right. Less is good for collectors. Connecting the dots can be dangerous, I can’t but help notice the “Flight of the Esquires” to Thailand, and the unexpectedly large number of page views from Thailand. Since when was the land of The King and I a hotbed of beboppers? Seems it is now.
      I have read there is an easy way to boost page views, which is simply to include keyword tags like “Britney Spears” and “porn star”, but hey, this is a family blog, so we won’t be going viral any time just yet.
      Small is beautiful, and staying small will do just nicely.

  3. Great overview!
    Since I personally know just one person with whom I can speak and share about jazz here in Italy, I wonder where the other 817 are!!!!?!?!? Put a blue flag outside your window please!!! 😉

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