Unexpected find in the Bargain Corner

Bargain Corner

Earlier in the week, browsing through a second hand record bin in my local Charity Shop, I stumbled on a copy of Hank Mobley’s 1568.

A quick glance at the heavy  record inside showed 47 West 63rd St labels, and deep glossy vinyl. From the lack of spindle marks looks like it had never been played. An original, in mint condition.

I took the record to the counter. “Country and western singer is he, this Hank?” asked the shop volunteer, glancing at the cover.  “Not keen on Country and Western music myself. All that line dancing and  cowboy boots. We are trying to clear those old records out to make way for a complete Cliff Richard collection a lady brought in the other day. If you are interested, come back tomorrow and I will have put them out. “Summer Holiday“, now that’s what I call music.

Fifty pence, please.”

11 thoughts on “Unexpected find in the Bargain Corner

    • It was meant to be posted April 1st. I was in a different timezone one hour out from the WordPress clock and it showed as posted 31st March, rather taking the sting out of the joke. No matter. Never trust anything you read on April 1st.
      It is the sort of thing collectors still dream of…

  1. I’ve stopped laughing decades ago when I realized everyone was fooling at me.
    for almost the whole world, April 1st is a day of jokes.
    yes, I was born this fucking day, and if I had received a 1568 for every joke, I’ll have become the emperor of jazz vinyl.
    anyway, you all laughing’ out there, my birthday is not only a simple date, it has name and surname.
    all fools’ day.

  2. Hahaha! You really had me there. Although the Cliff Richard comment kind of gave it away, I still took your word for it. Nice one.

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