Not coming to LondonJazzCollector any time soon

It occurred to me of late, it is all very well bragging about your latest scores, relishing everyone being consumed with jealousy, oh that’s sooo nice,  but what gets very little airtime are the near-misses, and the downright failures.

So I’m launching eFail, the only service to support eBay losers. Whenever you put in a carefully considered and generous bid which should unquestionably secure the object of your desire, and you are sniped by some wealthy foreign collector with his own submarine and secret island, or a ruthless trophy-hunting investor with an unlimited budget, you get an immediate e-mail from eFail sympathising with your loss, and dissing the winner. Its like having a virtual friend, always there for you. Even when your bid was hopelessly under-par, eFail are always on your side.

Feel you want to take a tyre-lever to rearrange the winner’s face? Just press “Help!” for online support, and their professionally trained counsellors are always on hand to talk you through it – and they really understand what it is like to miss that Hank Mobley or Lee Morgan by just a few dollars. The eFail Collector Support Network is available 24/7 to help you get you over it, dust yourself off, and in no time you will be back on-line tossing good money after bad.

We need to celebrate losing. Losing is part of winning. It’s OK to be a loser. It’s part of being a collector.  It’s time to set the record straight. So here is a list of stuff I wanted, bid good money for, and didn’t get.

Your turn to sneer, pity, feel smug, indulge in a little delicious Schadenfreude, let it all hang out, it’s all good.

None of these records will be in the post to LondonJazzCollector, because someone else took them, mostly for 20 to 50 % more than I figured they were worth. That’s how it goes. You win some, you lose some. So I am celebrating the loses here, as a form of therapy. But I have to tell you, it’s not working. I am seriously pissed off at losing these…

It’s not fair!

6 thoughts on “Not coming to LondonJazzCollector any time soon

  1. For better or worse, ebay is the largest jazz LP store in the world. I troll it nearly everyday looking for scores. Not too long ago I spent $20 or more on a first pressing of Jaki Byard’s “Out Fron” on Prestige (killer Booker Ervin on that LP!). The LP arrived with so much groove wear it was unlistenable. Most often, an LP advertised EX or NM-, is actually VG to VG+ (weak).

    Every once in a while, you can score a very valuable LP for very little. I once snagged a white promo label “Africa/Brass” by John Coltrane mostly because the seller only posted a photo of the cover (which was actually the inside black/white panel of the regular gatefold covers, made to serve as a promo sleeve). With no picture of the label or mention of the white label no one knew what it was. I gambled it was a promo copy and it was – and it sounded great too! My cost? $5!!

    Recent scores include a NY USA labels “Free Form” by Donald Byrd for $10 (VG+ (strong) or better), a sealed copy of Stanley Turrentine’s “Chip Off the Old Block” for $20 (couldn’t not open it right? – turned out to be non-ear NY USA label pressing!), and a first stereo pressing of Booker Ervin’s “Space Book” for $24 (BIG fan of Ervin – all his ‘Book’ LPs are a must!).

    Because I want more jazz LPs than I can afford I occasionally will sell duplicate or unwanted LPs on ebay – so I both a buyer and seller. Buying an overgraded LP is a major bummer but an unavoidable risk. Your experience in selecting seasoned, honest sellers will lessen this risk greatly. There are dozens of ebay sellers who I would not hesitate to buy from again.

  2. If you were the winner of all these auctions, you’d be down £833.93. Which in Dollars works out to be $1,324.03! You won the chance to spend your pounds on other LP’s. Maybe, Lp’s at your local record store. I have a high distrust of sellers on eBay. Repeatedly I’ve had problems with sellers leaving out some defect in the description or insufficient packaging causing the LP to shift around. Higher prices and head aches, eBay is not worth the trouble, in my opinion.

    • Everything you say about eBay is true, it can be a pain, but sometimes it is the only way to go. I have seen some over-optimistic grading of the vinyl. Though you can send it back, overseas postage can be prohibitive and if you have been caught for customs duty, which on an expensive item can be a lot (20% here in UK) , you can’t reclaim it on a return. I may have been lucky, but I reckon so far only about 1 in 20 of my 200 purchases has actually gone bad. But that is still ten bad experiences.

  3. I know the feeling… But celebrating my losses on eBay doesn’t work for me either. Especially when you lose the bid by, say, 2,50 dollars. Truly something that equals a bad dream.

    • If its any consolation it may look like you were beaten by a couple of dollars but the winning bid may have been several hundred dollars above yours. As you may know, you never find out what the winners actual bid amount was – eBay sets the final auction price as “one increment” above the second highest bid. The increment is usually just a couple of dollars, more or less, depending on the price range. It is the second highest bidder who really sets the price. It’s the devils work I tell you.

      • Yes I remember reading something about that in the comments at Jazzcollector, the winner bid much more than I did. But you don’t see that, when the bidding ends. You only see those 2 or more dollars that make the winner. And that’s the irritating thing 😉

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