Blue Mitchell “Out of the Blue” (1959)

Track Selection: Sweet Cakes

(Note – clipped the closing seconds – needs re-rip )


Blue Mitchell (tp) Benny Golson (ts) Wynton Kelly or Cedar Walton (p) Sam Jones or Paul Chambers (b) Art Blakey (d) recorded Reeves Sound Studios, NYC, January 5, 1959

Pocket Bio: Mitchell, who hailed from Florida, was discovered by Cannonball Adderly, who introduced him to Riverside in 1958. He played with Horace Silver’s quintet from 1958 to 1964, where his lyrical approach and tone fittted well into Silver’s style of bop. When Silver disbanded in 1963, Mitchell reformed the group bringing in the young Chick Corea on piano. Recording first for Riverside and later for Blue Note, in the early seventies he changed genre to play with the British blues boom  finishing school headmaster, John Mayall, returning to bop to play with the Harold Land Quintet until his death at the age of only 49 in the late Seventies. A swinging and versatile trumpet voice.


Blue’s second album as leader, he went on to record eight releases for Blue Note between 1963 and 1969. Consistently swinging, an enjoyable session of high-quality hard bop. Golson is on top form, riding high on the back of his performances with Art Blakey, and rather steals the show from Blue on the track selection Sweet Cakes..

Vinyl: US Riverside RLP 12-293 DG mono, original first pressing from 1959

Try as I may, I cannot get a connection between the artist name, album title, and the cover art. I rather think “Bolt from the Blue” was the intended title which somehow got lost on the way to typesetting.

Collectors Corner

A self-indulgent purchase but I loved the line up – Golson, Kelly, Blakey, Chambers, Jones, how could it not sound great? US Riverside first press is hard to find here and over fifty years old, in excellent condition, after a string of near-misses on eBay I saw it in front of me and decided I deserved a treat. The rub being I treated myself to several more records as well that week. Now I need to get me some bargains to make up for it.

5 thoughts on “Blue Mitchell “Out of the Blue” (1959)

  1. Love Blue Mitchell’s effortless lyricism and tone. “Blue’s Moods is a sweet quartet date and his “The Cup Bearers” session on Riverside is one I am still looking for!

  2. I didn’t know this record that is very good: a not overwhelming Buhaina, a great Golson, unusual in some way, very nice choice.

  3. As we say in The Netherlands: “If you don’t tickle yourself every now and then, you’ll never laugh…”

    And then that almost orgasmic moment when you feel that fat fifties combination of luscious vinyl in thick cardboard, sniff it, slide the record out and put it on… 😉

    Anyway, looks like a terrific treat, that’s for sure.

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