LondonJazzCollector is Takin’ an Easter Break, back soon.



This will be the last post until after Easter. LondonJazzCollector is without access to his vinyl, and the previous post was the very last of the “one I prepared earlier”. Next week LondonJazzCollector will return with an armful of new goodies for your delectation. There’s a nice Sonny Stitt, a rare Dizzy Reece, and… ah, that would be telling. It’s all good, and no more Australian jazz – you have suffered enough.

I will be back soon, apologies to Eric Dolphy’s masterwork BLP 4163, Out to Lunch cover.

Happy Easter.

May The Bunny hop with you.

PS. While you are here, you could always take a look around the site . Click on a favourite artist and enjoy a little music, or sharpen up your knowledge of Blue Note or other labels

7 thoughts on “LondonJazzCollector is Takin’ an Easter Break, back soon.

  1. I just wanted to say, that I love your version of that classic cover. I suggest, that every record shop, selling jazz records should print and use this 😉

  2. I guess I need a break after Easter. Family members coming over and endless egg hunts with kids in the back yard, you know how it goes. Not to mention that in The Netherlands we actually have a first and second Easter day…

    Love your take on Out To Lunch 😉

  3. so you are leaving all your fans thirsty once again?
    ah! I’m gettin’ a 6 days break too but, sorry, no wine.
    I’ve got my over 8000 jazz tracks iPod and no bottles of wine: could you absolve me?

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