Blue Mitchell “The Thing To Do” (1964 )

Track Selection: Chick’s Tune


Blue Mitchell (tp) Junior Cook (ts) Chick Corea (p) Gene Taylor (b) Al Foster (d) recorded Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, July 30, 1964

The young Chick Corea!!


1964. Recorded in changing times, with the Blue Note catalogue elsewhere reflecting the pull of more adventurous music – Grachan Moncur, Hancock’s Empyrean Island – Blue Mitchell offered a line of continuity for straight ahead bop inherited with the Horace Silver band. Recording prolifically in the early sixties, with bluesy soul jazz offerings, the most interesting contribution is that of the young Chick Corea, given his own title “Chicks Tune”. Polished performances, though with so much talent burgeoning on the jazz scene it must have been difficult to stand out. A good enjoyable outing nonetheless.

Vinyl: Blue Note BLP 4178 NY mono VAN GELDER, ear, no DG

No matter how many different records, labels and pressings I listen to, every time I mount a Blue Note original mono on the turntable,  the room is filled immediately with exciting listening, whoever the artist and whatever the tune. The combination of Van Gelder engineering and Plastylite pressing is nonpareil .

Nonpareil”: without equal.   Each week LJC will feature a new chic French expression, designed to lend an air of sophistication to the jazz collector’s conversation, thereby enhancing their attractiveness to the opposite sex, a soupçon. Sadly, the ladies just don’t dig matrix codes.

NY labels, no DG



Writing on Cover. Not clever, Sid

Collectors Corner

Source: eBay                                                                                                                   Sellers grading: Vinyl: “has a few light marks, plays excellent; Cover: VG+

Great-tasting nutritious bop, contributes to your essential  “Five a Day” musical listening diet, with no serious damage to the credit card.

17 thoughts on “Blue Mitchell “The Thing To Do” (1964 )

  1. If your copy is from the same “Sid Mark” I know of, you may have a bit more of a collector’s item than you are aware of because of its provenance. Sid Mark is an American radio disc jockey based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who hosts weekly radio programs featuring the music of Frank Sinatra. His Philadelphia-area shows include Sunday with Sinatra, airing Sunday mornings, and The Sounds of Sinatra, syndicated nationally. The first version of the show, Friday with Frank, began airing in 1957 over WHAT-FM, where Mark was a disc jockey, and has been running continuously ever since.


  2. That’s an absolutely stunning album by a much slept on musician! I personally think 44 quid is quite a bargain for this LP. I’ve been considering for weeks to buy it for about 130 Pounds… if you manage to buy most of your wonderful LPs at similar prices it helps me a lot to adjust to reality, i’d say. I feel constantly tempted to raise my limit, especially as i end up with a lot of nice music, but rarely with a new Blue Note… I have been thinking about restricting my collecting only to Blue Notes though, since it might help to focus and it might help to keep the collection small 😉 I often think that i anyway like the hunting part too much in the collecting hobby, so it might also help concentrating on the music again. In the end there is too little time to listen to hundreds of albums and maybe it’s better to have a few really fine ones than many fine-but-somewhat-avarage ones…


    • I think we have all wrestled with the same dilema – should we go for just a few high price records, rather than lots of “less-sought after” ones. Unfortunately I usually end up going for both. I guess I am not much good at wrestling.

      What I do have is a “house limit” beyond which I don’t go. Over time, that limit has crept up but it keeps me from doing anything silly. It usually works, except the weekend I bid on three records, each at my house limit. Next morning I woke up in a cold sweat. What if all three came in? A house limit times three isn’t a house limit!

      I have more or less given up on my most-wanted Blue Notes, as recent auctions have generally closed at three to four times my house limit: Freddie Hubbard’s Open Sesame just closed at £700. Too rich for me, I’ll leave those to Tokyo and Moscow.


  3. Hi my Friend, for the next time,
    you can’t say “non pareil” but “sans pareil”
    If u want to be successful with the Ladies, be careful !


    • Interesting, I am sure you are right , without equal, sans pareil looks the more correct translation, though I have only ever heard the expression non-pareil. Perhaps what we have here is “Franglais” and not proper French.

      All true jazz fans must repeat until word-perfect: Ascenseur Pour L’échafaud


      • Bonjour Ljc, I can assume for a french guy living in Belgium, working in Switzerland that ” non pareil” doesn’t mean anything !
        A short comment from an a true fan , enjoy


  4. So did I get lucky paying less than £15 for a Prayer Meeting? Plays EX, EX cover, NY no DG and ear? Kinda gets competetive and perhaps lowers the tone talking price too much. But some get lucky and some get burned. Maybe we need a support group for the BN price bewildered


    • I agree it lowers the tone to talk money too much. I hope this is not a bragging site, look what a bargain I got. Its not what a love of jazz should be about. Sometimes it is important to the story, but generally it shouldn’t come into it.
      What I am interested in is is how a jazz lover can access great music of superior audio quality, in my case that means it has to be vinyl, on a sensible budget. However there is a reason I don’t own an original copy of Mobley 1568. Starts with an “M”
      However I do confess to being interested, as a spectator, how expensive and rare some records are. I think that is part of the sport.



    • I’ll offer you a deal Shaft. I’ll tell what it cost, and you tell me if you think that is expensive. Remember, it’s an original Blue Note, NY labels Ear and Van gelder which plays “Excellent”.The final auction price on eBay was £44 plus £3 postage

      Do you think that is:
      Very expensive,
      Fairly expensive,
      Neither expensive nor inexpensive,
      A pretty fair price,
      Call the cops, a sellers just been robbed

      This is a timed test, and depending on how well you do, you may go forward to the “Cash From Records in Your Attic” Finals in Indiana this Summer.

      You have thirty seconds, and no looking up Popsike..



      • Sorry for not answering sooner…..Right now it is a pretty fair price 😉 Personally I would have opted for the stereo edition though.High prices is not anything I get excited about – I just think it is a bit sad when LPs that I want get too expensive to even consider buying. It is not about the music anymore but collecting and historical artefacts. However there is one good thing about higher prices and that is that more people don’t throw away the LPs but instead get them sold one way or another. They get to be saves for future generations.


        • I set my snipes at what the record is worth to me. Often you get it for less, sometimes a lot less, which by my definition is a bargain. .And often you also lose a lot -that’s only fair too, if its worth more to someone else.
          I am just grateful the very rich mostly have absolutely no taste in music whatsoever.

          Before getting excited about records being expensive, spare a thought for the artoholic. Seeing what Munch’s Scream sold for today, it got me thinking we are quite lucky. Here’s whatcould happen if our worlds ever collide:


  5. Jeez… Another hot one sporting all the necessary details. This Blue Mitchell is what I’d like to call a ‘high powered’ album. It just oozes energy.


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