Tubby Hayes Tubby’s Groove (1960 ) Tempo

Track Selection: Tin Tin Daeo


Tubby Hayes (ts, vib) Terry Shannon (p) Jeff Clyne (b) Phil Seamen (d) recorded London, England, December, 1959

Music :

I’ll let boss man Simon Spillett lead on this: “I think it’s one of Tubby’s best ever studio recordings and catches him very much in his prime” … much more Tubby Talk by Simon at  Jazzscript

Another jazz blog which gives away free download  links drew these comments (apart from 15 screens of “Thanks!” and “You’re the Man!”):

“Woah this must have set you back a small fortune. I always imagined this as Tubby’s best album I’d never hear”

“Wow, I hadn’t heard this one. I concur, “Tin Tin Deo” rocks the house. Killer! I’m still in love with Mexican Green as well. Right up there with the best of Coltrane.”

Well a lot more people seem to be getting the message. Despite the song title sounding like a North Korean car maker, Tubby’s solo on Tin Tin Daeo, when it kicks in after the plain tune is stated, is so bloody electrifying you could light up all New Malden with it, and possibly parts of neighbouring Wimbledon.

Vinyl: Tempo TAP 29

Decca pressing. Say “Decca-aah”. Again. “Decca-aah”. Now say “New Malden” – no, say it, say it like you really mean it. “NuuMaalden” Better, now together, and exhale  “DeccaNuuMaalden,Yeaah!” Excellent. The Kings Speech, eat your heart out.

Collectors Corner

Source: eBay                                                                                                                Sellers grading: “The appearance of the vinyl say it’s VG+ but it actually plays above that level.”

Well, don’t just sit there politely pretending not to notice. I remember being in a Post Office queue once, with my young daughter, and there was a disabled man in front of us, on crutches. She stared at him intently for a while, and then turned to me, asking in a loud voice “Dad. Why’s that man got only one leg?”

Go on, say it “It’s got no cover” I can take it.

“It’s got no cover. Nada. Zilch. Total absence of cover. Coverless. Sans couverture”

Bwhaaaaa!! You said it.You said its got no cover. Bwhaaaaa!!

You didn’t imagine I could afford it with a cover.Jesus it’s a near mint TEMPO!  Tubby Hayes! DeccaNewmaldenYeaah!!  British Jazz Twenty Twelve, Tubby-lympics, ..

Of the three “cheapies” one’s a Jap, the other two are fillers with seriously beat up covers (below). Call the cops.That has to be a crime, treating a Tubby cover like that!

I’ll settle for near-mint vinyl with no cover. The seller did remark that it came with no cover; just as well, as I think I would have noticed when it arrived. Vinyl, check; inner sleeve, check; cover,WTF?  Bwhaaaaa!

A Jasmine reissue cover is not hard to find, that will have to do as I don’t think anything better will come along soon. It’s the vinyl you play.


4 thoughts on “Tubby Hayes Tubby’s Groove (1960 ) Tempo

  1. My mum bought me a second hand copy of this from a jumble sale (with cover!) when I was 14 (1964) and I never realised how in demand it is until recently. Along with Miles’ Seven Steps to Heaven and Hampton Hawes All Night Session (vol 2) it was a steal at 2/6d.

  2. An unsheathed Tubby as it were! As per my own quote, this one is a corker – certainly the best of the 1950s Tubby’s.

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