Johnny Griffin Foot Patting (1968)

Track Selection 1: The Turks Bolero (Boland) Sahib Shihab!

Selection 2: The Jampfs are Coming (Griffin)


Benny Bailey (tp flg) Ake Persson (tb) Johnny Griffin,  (ts) Sahib Shihab (bars) Francy Boland (p) Jimmy Woode (b)  Kenny Clare, Kenny Clarke (d) Cologne , West Germany, August 27, 1968  EMI Lindström Studios, Cologne, engineer Wolfgang Hirschman.


Sahib Shihab! ( the only jazz musician I know whose name is spelt with a shriek mark!)

DJ blog description: “Highly VG+ friendly with several Mod / Soul Jazz cuts and several boppy numbers. Known widely for the dance-floor track “Turks Bolero” featuring Johnny blowing grooved fire backed up by an uptempo beat. A Holy Grail of German Jazz”

“..VG+ friendly…blowing grooved fire…” is that English? WTF is grooved fire?  Pure DJ-speak. And what are “Jampfs”? It’s all frightfully hip. However, we have a lot to thank DJs for. Just wish I knew what they were.

The German jazz scene in the late Sixties seemed to revolve around a core of musicians found in the Francy Boland Big Band, sometimes configured in smaller groups, recording in Cologne, and linked to jazz svengali come cafe bar/owner Gigi Campi. With Sahib Shihab! popping up.

Vinyl: Youngblood SSYB 11 UK; originally released in 1968 as “Lady Heavy Bottom’s Waltz” on German  Vogue.

Griffin Footpatting Lady Heavy Bottoms Waltz.jpg

Rare and desirable but not unaffordable as it does not set pulses racing for TokyoJazzCollector, or his arch rival, MuscoviteJazzCollector. No clues as to who pressed Youngbloods, doesn’t look the handiwork of any of the big boys, but its great sounding nevertheless.

I have no idea who or what YoungBlood was, and searching to find out more about Youngblood Records is fruitless due to there being another Youngblood Records label dedicated to punk and hardcore, founded by someone who claims he got into it through skateboarding. Do I sound like someone with a skateboard?  Links constantly to Facebook, and cutting-edge youth communications.  By about six screens I’d had enough. Twitter me not. UPDATE March 17, 2018: Miki Dallon, label founder, British producer, performer, music publisher and all-round character.

Collectors Corner

Source: eBay                                                                                                                  Sellers Grading:”LOVELY COPY EX/EX”

My second Youngblood, coming after Sahib Shihab!’s Seeds. Not as much Sahib Shihab! as I would like, but any is good. Only a handful of bidders but serious ones. There have been only eight copies have ever come to market according to Popsike, which qualifies as RARE!.  I’m worried I am begining to think like an eBay seller. Top Copy!  Beautiful!  Rare!


8 thoughts on “Johnny Griffin Foot Patting (1968)

  1. Oh, and for those of us interested in the rest of the Young Blood releases by Miki Dallon: click here. You’ll also see the “Seeds” by Sahib Shihab as mentioned by LJC.


  2. This is one of those superb gems that may be very rare on vinyl, but easily to obtain on CD (make sure you look for Lady Heavy Bottom’s Waltz as mentioned by LJC above though, since there are no reissues of Footpatting). And indeed “The Turk’s Bolero” is a real floor filler in DJ lingo 😉


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