One eBayer not having a good day

Occasional snapshots of life collecting on eBay

Ebay record buyer 2008soolynn from South Korea has had a run of bad luck. He is not happy and he is letting sellers know it. Sometimes you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

That pleasant  sense of anticipation when the postman calls, balanced by fear of what may lie ahead. When you have hacked your way through the packing tape, prised open the cardboard mailer, cast aside the bubble wrap, delved inside the polythene sleeve, what lurks between the cardboard stiffeners? Will it be a joyous addition to your precious record collection, or a record from hell? This is the man who bought the collector’s holy grail,  Blue Note Hank Mobley 1568 NM++ unplayed, for $5,600, and sent it back.

Click below to view other feedback 2008soolynn  has recently left sellers. And you though buying and selling records was “fun”?

Its enough to drive you crazy.

If you weren’t already.

Norman, post, it’s for you“…

24 thoughts on “One eBayer not having a good day

  1. JazzLover1960 is the worst I’ve had to deal with. Its a miracle that he doesn’t have more negatives. He actually tries to avoid negative feedback by refunding your money and keeps customers silent. Who knows how many people didn’t leave feedback. Its the worst graded record I have ever came across and it was warped.

  2. Beware, jazzrecordscene also trades on ebay as Nouvelledujazz, which it looks like they setup in April of this year to have a clean feedback slate, although that doesn’t seem to be working looking at recent feedback:
    -Inaudible during 1rst minute of MAIDEN VOYAGE,Play-graded means nothing
    -Paid and ordered a mono copy, received a stereo one, why ???
    -Item not as described. Over-graded. Disappointed. Poor service.

  3. $5,600 for one LP is just out of my league. My limit is around $100 for an LP and it must be amazing and rare! I have purchased several LPs from jazzrecordscene and for the most part have been very satisfied. I have lately focused on Japanese pressings which are normally in much better shape and are easier to grade accurately.

  4. Add me to the roll call of eBayer’s not having a good day.

    I have decided to take an indefinitely hiatus from eBay record purchases after one (two, three…) too many bad experiences. Not the least of was a seller following up to some very well-deserved neutral feedback with angry, profanity-laden emails sent to my personal email address (presumably obtained via PayPal).

    Also, after doing business on eBay for only a brief time I have become aware of and been able to discern an alternative grading scale which many sellers choose to employ exclusively for Miles Davis Prestige titles. I’d like to share it with you now:

    Not yet completely destroyed. Record plays through with music somewhat audible over nearly unbearable distortion.

    Record still retains discernable grooves. Spindle hole lightly worn through to twice normal diameter. Plays through excellently without skipping except for the occasional skip.


    Record broken in half. Scotch tape included at No Extra Cost!


    No actual record present, but hey, it’s Miles Davis on Prestige!


    See VG. Miles Davis records are always in at least VG condition, even when they are very clearly not.


    Seller will visit your home and relieve you of one or more Miles Davis Prestige titles at date and time of sellers choosing.

    • I have taken a break too from eBay. Many transactions have been fine, but many have not. Are selling and honest grading a contradiction in terms?

      • Call me contrary but I have just bought from some ebay sellers in the US for the first time in a couple of years. I have been avoiding US sellers for the same reasons you guys state – overgrading. The reason why now is that I have reached a point at which copies of the few records I am looking for simply do not exist in Europe, or turn up once in two or three years. Time is not on my side. They are not big ticket items so the risk is not great if at all goes wrong. I hope I won’t be joining 2008soolynn in the disappointment pen. Stay tuned to find out how I fare in the coming weeks

        I still have the customs hurdle to jump, as I read recently the UK were planning to remove the low value exemption, to crack down on the routing of CD and DVD sales via the Channel Islands to avoid VAT. It will be interesting is to see if the Royal Mail still get away with their £8 charge for collecting a few pence. I suspect more than a few victims of this officially sanctioned mugging have told them to go poke it.

        One thing you can count on, there will never be a shortage of stupidity in Government, greed in the privatised monopolies, or laziness in the Regulators..

        Now, should I take the red pill or the blue pill?

  5. There is another angle on this. I have spent more than the cost of this record on only one thing – my speakers. At the time I made the mistake of telling Mrs LJC what the speakers cost. She spluttered and blurted out “but that’s the cost of a new kitchen!” Hardly a week goes by without being reminded of the cost of the speakers, as in “We need a new blah blah blah, thats a fraction on what you spent on those speakers” . She now has what the Scots refer to as “a stone in her pocket” .

    • LOL. A stone in her pocket. I will have to remember that one! I was just thinking that 5,600 is nearly more than my entire setup. Crazy money for an LP, in any condition.

  6. I get a thrill by getting my hands on a record that expensive and indeed a hundred times the pleasure…because I can sell it and buy a hundred of cheaper (but sometimes even better) records instead.

  7. Having an interest in human behaviour, I am fascinated by what motivates people at the extremes. I can not imagine spending $5,000 on one record. The law of diminishing returns seems to apply. I get a great deal of pleasure from a record costing $50. Would I get a hundred times the pleasure from owning Mobley 1568? Quite possibly. But what would I buy the following week? That only works if you are Ahoudori1947 and spending $500,000 a year. That is where it all falls down for me. It does seem poor 2008soolynn has bought himself a great deal of unhappiness. Is that what happens when you chase perfection?

  8. One thing I always look at is seller response to negative feedback – putting my self in the buyers shoes and seeing how sellers respond. Things like, “buyer is mad, avoid” etc. are an instant turn off. Rarely do you see sellers apologise to an unsatisfied customer.

  9. Maybe we tend to see all those top buyers as people, who have as much money as not to be worried, if the bought record isn’t matching the description 100%. Maybe they say to themselves “c’mon, you’ve got the record you always wanted and it’s in decent shape. Keep it, until a better one comes along. You have to money!”. So they’re always satisifed, somehow. Maybe the above buyer is one who can afford himself these records, but he misses the money, when it’s gone, so he’s more critical and says it. He can be true. What in the world should bring him, to destroy his positive feedback, when there’s no actual reason? Following Ockham’s knive: he is right, could be the best answer.

    I had some experiences with jazzrecordscene myself. I’ve always been satisified and I didn’t pay that much for several records, but I always had the feeling, that the descriptions weren’t exact. But I didn’t complain, becaus I was satisfied. I ever expect an actual record to be inferior to the described record, so I almost never had problems. One special weakness of the seller is the cover-description. Always described as way better, than the photography of the cover is telling you.

  10. P.S. I love the response from one seller: member unaware of surface noise in later Prestige albums due to inferior vinyl… WTF? If it has surface noise then you surely must say so in the listing!

    • This is a tough one Tony. The “hissy vinyl” is part of the original artifact. Its how they made them, vinyl cut with recycled, so it is not a “fault” like a scratch. Grading could still be “mint” (but hissy)
      I have three and they all sound like someone playing alongside on the maracas. I agree the seller should have mentioned it. Only a proportion of mid to late Prestige are hissy so if it is not mentioned, you would assume it was one of the nicer ones.
      The “unplayed” 1568 is a quandry. Stuff comes “mint” out of the pressing plant with some crap in the grooves, may be recorded with some distortion, possibly even on hissy vinyl. It can be in its original condition, unplayed, NM+++, and it is impossible to find a copy which is better. The expectation of perfection seems the problem. A “perfect” copy probably does not exist, no matter how much you pay.

      • Well, looking at the buyers feedback on eBay, the vast majority of the over 600 feedback votes he/she has left have been positive, so I am still inclined to trust his judgement – he did see the LPs in question after all and its his money that was spent.

  11. Ouch, just read the update above. $5,600!! I would be pissed too if it wasn’t dam near perfect. In terms of used records NM+++++++ or whatever has to be pretty perfect right? I mean I would be looking at an LP that had been opened and played once or twice if that, for that sort of grading. My favourite seller on eBay is Jazz Record Center, seems to always get the grading spot on without all the ++++++++++hype.

  12. Dodgy… But to what extent? Bad packaging? Slow shipment? Not delivering the record they advertised?

    I bought the unplayed United Artists copy of J.R. Monterose, BLP1536 from them and from day one the email contact was pleasant and personal, the shipment arrived faster than expected and the record showed no signs of spindle hole marks at all, which usually confirms the ‘unplayed’ selling point. After a cleaning on my neighbour’s VPI machine, the record played and sounded superb, with a silent run in.

    Because of this smooth transaction, I gave them the 5star / 100% positive feedback…

    • In my case it was item nowhere near as good as described and then refusing to take it back and provide a refund plus a general awkward and aggressive response to my complaints about the quality of the item.

      But these things are very transaction dependent. One person may have a great experience if all is well, whereas another may not. Which is why I think you have to take the above buyers experience at face value. At the end of the day, satisfied buyers do not leave -ve feedback, they come back and buy more items in future….

  13. Hmmmm… I don’t know what to say, really. I see sellers, including Jazzrecordscene and Elke-isa-szabo, that I have bought records from and I had absolutely no complaints whatsoever about their service. I think that we have to take all these complaints with a grain of salt, if not a handful of salt. This Korean sod is the one that also featured in this post at Jazzcollector, where he was finally noticed in the comments after he bought the 1568 that is discussed there. It was a copy of the famous Leon Levitt, everybody remembers again? Apparently that copy of 1568 was the absolute best of the best copies available in the world and our Korean friend sent it back with a lot of hoopla as we can see in the way he describes his problems. Colossus3, in this case, comments back and I quote: “Let buyer send record back. Record perfect. Sent bck to him. Couldn’t afford price.” And there are more sellers that comment back. For some reason, the word “drama queen” comes to mind when I look at all 2008Soolyn’s complaints. Am I alone in this?

    • Jazzrecordscene was one of the more dodgy sellers I came across on eBay this year Matty… You were lucky!

  14. Poor guy. I have had really bad experience with two of those sellers also: Jazzrecordscene and elke-isa-szabo. Never again!

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