Roy Haynes Just Us (1960)

Track Selection: Speak Low


Richard Wyands (p) Eddie De Haas (b) Roy Haynes (d) recorded Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, July 5, 1960


Haynes has supported  an enormous variety of artists – Parker, Lester Young, Getz, Monk, Johnny Griffin, Roland Kirk, Dolphy, Mclean, Andrew Hill, Booker Ervin, nothing if not adaptable to others. So it is nice to hear him in a simple trio format with himself as leader, not overwhelmed by other forceful musical personalities, and hear directly his signature crisp snare and tom tom. Trio formats are more usually dominated by the piano, but Haynes pulls of a very different trio to The Three Sounds. Not lounge bar background jazz, but thoughtful foreground jazz.

Vinyl: Esquire 32-163 UK release of Prestige New Jazz 8245

Esquire’s cover is the usual  “dilettante“* effort compared with the original Prestige cover (right).

Does the title “Just Us” warrant as much space as the great picture of the artists? What was wrong with the colour green that it needed changing?  Amateurs.

* Todays “spice up your writing” with an interesting foreign word choice

As usual, Prestige New Jazz stampers from the US used to press in the UK.

The great advantage of Esquire is that it avoids the hissy vinyl that plagues some Sixties later Prestige and NewJazz pressings in particular.

Collectors Corner

Source: Vintage Records shop

The slightly grumpy manager was not pleased when, after picking out four records which came to a fairly decent total of £82, I politely enquired if you could do anything on the price for me, for cash. Probably his best sale of the week, saving on credit card charges, savings on the  taxman, immediate cash in his hand, what’s not to like?   After a moments thought  he scowled – “£80?”

£2? I said, in faux surprise. So you want to haggle?  “not very generous” He thumbed through the four records again “Some of these have not been out very long” . Talking down expectations. Pregnant pause. I smiled expectantly. ” I suppose you are …a regular customer” Trying to justify to himself a discount against his better judgement.

Alright, £75

A quick calculation. 10%.  Smile sweetly and reward him by placing the notes tantilisingly on the counter. Two, three, five, six, seven, and five. “Thank you” Cheery smile and off home with my hoard. But first, a trip to the bank, to replenish my stock of record bargaining vouchers.

5 thoughts on “Roy Haynes Just Us (1960)

    • Great sleuthing Dott. – how do you do it? The Prestige has a lower case “a” slipped in among an otherwise upper case font: HaYNES. This calls for immediate promotion, richly deserved, congratulations. Vinyl Detective Squad Chief of Lexicography and Graphology. You get a bigger office (on account of the very long title on the door) and more important, a prettier secretary. Just speak to Personnel and we will get things moving. No, there is no raise.


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