Tubby Hayes Down in The Village (1962) Fontana



Track Selection 1: Johnny One Note

. . .

London 2012 bonus! Track Selection 2. First Eleven


Freddy Logan (b) Allan Ganley (d) Gordon Beck (p) Tubby Hayes (ts,ss,vib) Jimmy Deuchar (t) recorded live at The Ronnie Scott Club, London on 17-18th May, 1962.


One of Tubby’s finest live recordings, recorded at Ronnie Scotts, and includes –  in the best British Jazz tradition – droll  compere-ing by Tubby. Triple threat, with Tubby on tenor, soprano and vibes. 1962 would have found me not long out of short trousers, on a couple shillings pocket money a week, and not likely to be found lounging around Soho in Ronnie Scotts of an evening, so there is no nostalgia in this for me, but I would still love to have seen Tubby live. The competition is from guys five years older than me,  who were then then in their late teens/early twenties,  for whom “going up the West End” was their past. We are all on borrowed time, but for these guys, it’s more pressing: nostalgia doesn’t last forever.

Cover: Another sign of it’s time, some evil Sellotape residue, but otherwise, not bad, and a welcome addition to the LJC shelf.

Vinyl: Fontana 680 998 TL mono UK original

Purchase Tax code embossed next to the spindle hole. Being Fontana it should be a pressing by Philips,  who owned the label

The Matrix

Fontana UK first pressing (420) by Phillips

Collectors Corner

Souce Ebay

Sellers Description:

Cover:   Dirty on back / Repair on top edge; Record  EX

It has been a long wait for the Village, Second time lucky., though luck never came into it. After the last trauma with a copy of Tubby Hayes Down  in the Village damaged in transit,  it was a case of “get back on the horse”. Nineteen bids, phew! It looked like this at the final showdown.  A lot of people wanted this record, which is a regular occurrence with Tubby Hayes originals in top vinyl condition.What they did not understand was that it was mine.  Put down a big figure snipe and pray no-one else has.

 In line with my blog policy all actual sums of money are redacted. It’s not about money, it’s about taking part (snigger) though on this occasion it was all about the money. Who wants it most takes it home, last man standing, Gunfight at the UK Coral.

1962 found Tubby cutting two notable live recordings, this one –  “Down in the Village”- and “Late Spot at Scotts” , the latter for some reason  invariably fetches twice  the price, and eluded me yet again on Ebay this week, second placed price setter.

For some inexplicable reason the cost of Tubby on the evil silver disc, from new  – obviously some used cheaper – can be astronomic. Amazon here – I can only imagine it is “out of print”. How a country can be celebrating “the best of British” this year, yet it’s finest jazz musician is “out of print” defeats me, all down the Memory Hole.

12 thoughts on “Tubby Hayes Down in The Village (1962) Fontana

        • Other Universal owned sites such as Sound Of Vinyl also have it, but I agree on not waiting, they will likely judge demand on the pre-orders and press minimal additional copies for those who miss ordering in advance. New customers can sign up and get 10% off The sound Of Vinyl site which helps.

          • Just checked the website for the listing of the 11 LPs in the box set., to find I have virtually all of them as original pressings. Looks expensive to acquire just a couple of titles I don’t have, which are not of themselves anything special.

            I also have reservations about the audio quality of Gearbox, based on their history of releases from BBC transcription discs. Most of the dozen Gearbox I have sound exactly like what they are: radio broadcasts. Hopefully this will be different – from proper studio recordings destined for vinyl.

            • I’ve always assumed that any “issues” with the way Gearbox records sound was down to the source tapes and the less than optimal way most of them were recorded, I agree that hopefully the Fontana masters will be cut to reveal their full potential and the quality of the original engineering.

  1. Some of the evil silver discs are horrifically expensive. I snuck a copy of Lee Morgan’s live at the Lghthouse a week or so ago for a bargain £9.99. Unfortunately the seller pulled the disc as one of the three discs was faulty. It’s now £51 on Amazon. It’s galling as somebody was punting the same disc on fleabay at 9.99 buy it now. Ah well.

    On sound, I recently added a Meridian digital pre-amp to replace my analog pre-amp. I was a bit skeptical, but the results have been a revelation. The pre-amp allows you to modify the digital stream and is based on the technology meridian supplied for recording studios. Still not the same as vinyl though.

    One day I will definitely take the plunge back into vinyl.

  2. Amazon can be a bit odd. It’s worth checking out prices on the Amazon French and German sites which can be considerably cheaper/expensive, although they often originate from the same source. One can download the album easily but even a cheapskate like me doesn’t want crappy mpegs.

    • Discontinued release second hand CDs can usually be unearthed for a tenner. I do occasionally check Amazon Fr (Barney Wilen!) and have found the sellers there “expensive” but I struggle with the German.May be I need go look again.
      Even at the highest quality FLAC file playback source through a high-end digital streamer, CD offers a nice but “airbrushed ” and synthetic sound presentation compared with original vinyl. I play them side by side not infrequently and the conclusion is almost always the same – the vinyl is fresh, airy and natural in comparison.
      A lot of people are never able to make a critical comparison and are content with CD, or even MP3, and I don’t mean to belittle their choice.Time was I was quite happy with CD, and there are times I regret acquiring a taste for “champagne for the ears” vinyl. It is a curse, but so far there seems no way back.

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