Sam Jones The Soul Society (1960) Riverside

LJC says: Apologies for the false start publication of the post this morning. Fat finger!


Sextet: Blue Mitchell (tp) Jimmy Heath (ts) Charles Davis (bars) Bobby Timmons (p) Sam Jones (b) Louis Hayes (d) NYC, March 10, 1960

Septet: Nat Adderley (cor) Jimmy Heath (ts) Charles Davis (bars) Bobby Timmons (p) Sam Jones (cello) Keter Betts (b) Louis Hayes (d) NYC, March 8, 1960

Track Selection: The Old Country (Nat Adderley) – trumpet Blue Mitchell

Strangely enough there is a similar tune on which the same Sam Jones plays bass, with Donald Byrd on his Byrd In Hand album, which is called Here I am and says it is written by Donald Byrd:

Track Selection: BN 4019 Byrd in Hand: Here I am (Donald Byrd) –  trumpet Donald Byrd

Remarkable similarity? What fun the copyright lawyers would have over that one, though the Donald Byrd version was released in 1959  so it looks an open and shut case. Jones claims that Nat Adderley “adapted an old Israeli Folk Tune”. Now I am no expert on old Israeli Folk Tunes but the LJC BS detector just lit up. However it might just be that Sam Jones was whistling this adapted old Israeli folk tune in the men’s room during the Byrd session break, and was overheard by Donald in the stall. Byrd quickly transcribed the tune on some handy notepaper and rush released it six months earlier. For reasons no-one quite understood, the song sold particulary well among the Jewish community. The whole plot is available for a film noir, working title “Jazz Wars”, consult my agent.

The great thing is I love both of them, so there are no losers this side of the counter.

To make up for the fat finger a second track that is very groovy Bobby Timmons piece not to my knowledge borrowed from any other artist.

Track Selection: So Tired (Bobby Timmons. Probably)

Vinyl: RLP 12-324 UK cover, provenance unknown

Promo, hand written track listing, who knows what it is.Stockpile? What is a Stockpile? In a different hand. Stockpile promo – Rare! Rare!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                         The Matrix:  RLP-12-324 1L V

Hand-written Riverside matrix codes following the Philips numbering convention but no indication of country code of origin

 UK cover printers

Collectors Corner

Source: London records store

Over the counter sale, sandwiched between two other store visits,  whereby hangs another story. But you will have to wait for a forthcoming post, unless the fat finger strikes first.

6 thoughts on “Sam Jones The Soul Society (1960) Riverside

  1. I wish I had this one myself. Thanks to the initial ‘fat finger’ publication I had been waiting for this article and there it is.

    And about your ‘sandwich’ story: when I still collected seventies funk I used to ‘sandwich’ a high priced item between two or more much less expensive, but similar gems. In most, but certainly not all, cases it worked: the store/stand owner quickly flipped through the records and said: “how ’bout 20 for the lot?” I always quickly accepted, too scared that I’d overplay my hand if I tried to bargain like they do in Egyptian bazaars.

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