Charles Mingus Complete Candid Recordings (1960) Mosaic

Track Selection: Lock ‘Em Up (feat Ervin, McPherson Bley Mingus Richmond))

Artists (variously)

Ted Curson, Lonnie Hillyer  Roy Eldridge (tp) Jimmy Knepper, Britt Woodman (tb)Charles McPherson Eric Dolphy (as, bcl)  Booker Ervin (ts ) Charles Mingus (b, vo) Dannie Ritchmond Jo Jones (d, vo)Tommy Flanagan Paul Bley (p)  Nat Hentoff (supervisor) Nola’s Penthouse Sound Studios, NYC, October 20 and  November 11, 1960

Music: Hectic sessions with a stunning array of musicians mixed and matched according to the needs of each piece.

Vinyl: MR4-111 (out of print since the mid-eighties) compiling Candid 9005, 9019 9021 and 9022

Any resemblance between the horn-player on the Candid Jazz Life! cover and the United Artists Jazz label “Bendy Tenor” is entirely coincidental. That is how all tenor players stand, isn’t it?- the saxophone equivalent of air-guitar. The Candid cover came first – 1960, the UA bendy tenor label design followed two years later.

Four records in all pressed on quiet vinyl – better condition than my one original Candid – and very feisty mastering by Van Gelder. That bass – it never sounded like that originally. The Mosaic disks weighs 110 grams – I know, because I just weighed them on my new digital electronic kitchen and postal scales, a toy that arrived in the post this morning. Rather than guess, or bluff  vinyl weight it seemed sensible to know the vinyl weight. The cost of a little digital scale nowadays is trivial and it works for postal charges too.

“Master by Van Gelder” What a very pleasant and unexpected surprise! Mingus’s label-hopping and arguments with record companies over artistic freedom meant he rarely if ever found his way to the Van Gelder Studios, and therefore it’s a real treat to hear the Candid Sessions mastered by THE master and not EMI’s inaccurately named Ron McMaster, whose engineering  I have never rated..

Limited edition half way through the pressing run. What they don’t tell you is when they changed to new stampers. If at 3750 – this set is one-off the end.  The record manufacturing  industry never admitted officially that all record pressing are not equal, probably at the time they never knew.

Collectors Corner

Source: London record shop (Half price sale)

Twice a year they have a half price sale, which in this case brought it back to a sensible price as the original asking was prohibitive. Factor in postage saved, which is no small consideration with a box set – especially with international small packet costs and running the risk of customs duty – the plausibility of a box set being “a few dollars” is not great.

If you are selective, there are some great sets to look out for.  The Mingus Candid Recordings  brings my total to three.

2 thoughts on “Charles Mingus Complete Candid Recordings (1960) Mosaic

  1. Nice. Mingus Presents Mingus is the pick of the Candid albums for me. Alas, I only have a Stereo pressing on the French America label, although it actually sounds pretty fantastic. Would love to hear a Van Gelder mastered copy.

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