Thelonious Monk in Europe Vol 3 (1961) Riverside

Track Selection: I’m getting sentimental over you (Re-ripped)


Charlie Rouse (ts) Thelonious Monk (p) John Ore (b) Frankie Dunlop (d) recorded “L’Olympia”, Paris, France, April 18, 1961


April in Paris (Short bonus selection)

Monk tours Europe, a  stopover in Paris for Volume Three of this farewell set of releases from Riverside.

Monk treats the Paris audience to a short solo rendition of “April in Paris”,  which was correct by both place and month, sort of Rock Concert opening line “Hello London!!” which always goes down well, unless this is actually Hamburg.

The Parisian audience spot the tune at once, but it is given that unique Monk treatment.

There is a certain hesitancy in the audience response – is that it? Is it a Monk pause, or is that the end? Imagine getting up and cheering wildly Encore! Encore!“, only to find you are the only one standing as the tune continues, ker-plink-plonk. Everyone is looking disdainfully through their nose at you. It’s not easy being a hipster.

Vinyl: RLP 004

Released in many other sequences packaging and formats, this seems unique to the UK market. I feel the word “Rare!” coming on

The Matrix:

Phillips Holland pressing, blue label twin reels, mono

Name on cover

Collectors Corner

London record shop, no great cost or story, everyday price.Still looking for the supposedly “superior” Stockholm session, but this will satisfy the need for a feisty Monk live session, with Charlie Rouse steadfastly continuing to perform the impossible: play along with Monk.

6 thoughts on “Thelonious Monk in Europe Vol 3 (1961) Riverside

  1. LJC, I imagine you know the Live at the It Club set? If not, there are some who would argue that that may well be the feistiest, finest live Monk there is. And although I don’t often play the CD version, it is a *whole* set, in sequence, and consequently a fascinating experience.

  2. Ehrrr… LJC? at 5’21” into “I’m Getting Sentimental Over You” the record skips back into the previous groove and loops for a while, let’s hope it’s just a speck of dust that caused it, so off to the VPI you go 😉

    • Damn! The Ion mp3 turntable is a bit temperamental. The motor arm and cartridge must cost all of ten dollars and if it hits a bit of muck it does tend to skip where a “proper” turntable pushes through.
      I am not able to clean and rerip right now, so rather than take the sample down I will put up a hazzard warning and replace when I can. Thanks for the warning.

      • Most welcome. I only noticed it after a few revolutions, thinking for a split second how magnificently Monk was able to play one of his riffs over and over again, almost as if a record was skipping, only to find out that we were indeed listening to just that! 🙂

        But hey, beggars can’t be choosers 😉

  3. Ah… What a way to start off an otherwise dreary Wednesday morning at the office: I hit the play button and the sun came out! 😉

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