Bill Evans Jim Hall Intermodulation (1966) Verve

Track Selection: My mans gone now

Slow piece, a sombre bluesy melody from Porgy and Bess.


Bill Evans (p) Jim Hall (g) recorded Van Gelder Studios, April and May 1966, recording by Rudy Van Gelder and Verve man Val Valentin, produced by Creed Taylor.


Intermodulation is a follow up to the Evans Hall 1963 collaboration, Undercurrent.

Allmusic jumps in: “Where this recording delivers is in the details and intricacy with which Evans and Hall work, guided by simple framings of standard songs made into personal statements that include no small amounts of innovation”

Celebrated music critic LJC says:”People who like piano and guitar playing will find this just up their street. Great!”

Vinyl: Verve V6 8655

Evans and Hall, recorded in America at NY Van Gelder Studios , made in Germany by DeutcheGramaphon, bought in London from Rough Trade Vintage.


German factory precision in all those extra codes and symbols, you expect the record to come with ABS and rear wash-wipe fitted as standard. Vorsprung durch Technics

Collectors Corner

Source: London vintage record store basement, whose main floor is devoting to those achingly hip post-modern records born of suburban bedroom laptop composers and East London collectives. No information on the cover apart from the name of the band, and sometimes not even that. When I shop there I try to blend in with the DJ types, as one of my many alter egos, MC Jazz.

On the topic of “contemporary music”, fast forward to the present day and a modern jazz piano I listen to, Brad Mehldau. He has recorded piano and guitar duo with  Pat Metheney.  Mehldau is an interesting player who has adopted modern pop songs as a springboard for improvisation, in the same way standards were used in the bop years. It’s Wonderwall, not Alone Together. Kick off with the tune and off you go. Metheney I have never thought much of, apart from as a treatment for insomnia. I wonder how they compare with Evans and Hall?

If you were wondering about the record title, intermodulation is the amplitude modulation of signals containing two or more different frequencies  in a system with nonlinearities. The intermodulation between each frequency forms additional signals at the sum and difference frequencies of the original frequencies and at multiples of those sum and difference frequencies. Great!

9 thoughts on “Bill Evans Jim Hall Intermodulation (1966) Verve

  1. Just wondering if you (or anyone) know if it’s at all possible to find a US mono pressing of this album that plays clean. I’ve bought 2 already, both “appearing” clean, but when you play them – noise, distortion, etc. And this was after being cleaned. I hate to keep buying copies and then sending them back. So if a clean mono is hopeless, I’ll try a stereo copy.

    • It’s hard finding any copy of this that plays cleanly as the music is so quiet. I’ve had original mono and stereo copies of Undercurrent and the stereo is more full range sounding, the mono is a bit midrangy/AM radio-like in comparison. It’s also nice to have some separation between Bill and Jim.

    • US Verve vinyl from the ’60s is a crapshoot, heavily leaning towards crap. I’d try a Japanese pressing if quiet surfaces are important.

      • Yeah, a lot of my mid-late 60’s Verve Records are hit and miss. For example, Verve released 3 Bill Evans albums – Live At Town Hall, Intermodulation, and A Simple matter Of Conviction in 1966. On the town hall, the vinyl and sound quality are great. My aforementioned Intermodulation is garbage. And A simple matter of conviction has decent quality vinyl, nothing great, but not bad, but the recording itself is sort of “meh”. Guess I’ll have to keep hunting. Maybe 3rd time will be the charm for a clean copy of Intermodulation. lol

        • So, over a year later, I came across a UK mono on ebay. Got it for a great price, and FINALLY! I have a clean playing copy. It’s a factory sample copy, to boot. Good things come to those who wait, I suppose.

  2. Thank you so much for your write ups and scanning in the b/c for the albums at a resolution that makes it easy to read! So much great information. I am just getting my feet wet, enjoying it. Thanks!

  3. Very nice pressing, I’m actually envious! So far I count 25 Bill Evans lp’s in my collection. Some originals and most “audiophile” reissues including a rare (only 1k)german alto analogue Sunday at VV. there is one that I would commit flat out murder for. An original Dave pike quartet- Pike’s peak. Bill’s first recording after Scott’s death. I have the epic and portrait reissues. Absolutely love the record!!!!!

  4. I would like that the tons of metal axemen around would learn how an electric instrument could be played beautifully and comfortably in your own sitting room without causing earthquake and ear quake.

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