hQ Test: check your hep-ness Quotient

There seem so many hepcats out there I thought we would have a change from squinting at matrix codes, and check out your hep-ness quotient with a quiz. The subject: the compositions of Thelonious Monk. Everybody can play the same notes – it’s all about the order you put them in.

Works the same with words and letters of the alphabet.

Can you name these sixteen “well-known” Monk Tunes?

I have given you just enough – a snippet of a few seconds, a few more if needed – to guess each tune. You can check the answers at the bottom of the post. There are no prizes, apart from the knowledge that you are truly hip.

Take it away, Thelonious!

Monk 1

Monk 2

Monk 3

Monk 4

Monk 5

Monk 6

Monk 7

Monk 8

Monk 9

Monk 10

Monk 11

Monk 12

Monk 13

Monk 14

Monk 15

Monk 16

Your hQ

That’s it.  Times up. Sixteen tunes – how many did you score? All sixteen – a Hepcat!; Ten or more – good going!; Five to ten – tut tut; five or less  – someway to go, remedial class for you; None? None?  How did you get here? Like this?

Monk Quiz: The Answers (no peeking)

1 ‘Round About Midnight
2 Straight No Chaser
3 Jackie-ing
4 Misterioso
5 Locomotive
6 Hackensack
7 Monks Dream
8 Bolivar Blues
9 Bemsha Swing
10 Rhythm-a-ning
11 Pannonica
12 Brilliant Corners
13 Well You Needn’t
14 Off Minor
15 Crepiscule with Nellie
16 Let’s Call This..

I left out  apostrophy…epostrio ..epistryo.. epiwhastsit  as I can’t spell it)

3 thoughts on “hQ Test: check your hep-ness Quotient

  1. Hmmm… There goes my reputation of a Monk aficionado: I had nine correct. Time to replay my Monk material more often 😉

    • Its not about winning, its about taking part, (as they all say to “losers”). I think you probably would have beat me, but for the fact I had the records in my hands. The point is what great compositions they are, not whether you remember the name. On that score its 100% score all round!

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