The Beast from The East

From the Land of the Rising Yen…


The Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua (New Zealandish for The Explorer)  – the Beast from The East – has landed. View at 1600 pixels and marvel. Downloaders and acolytes of The Evil Silver Disk would better shield their eyes or look away. You are in the presence of extreme  beauty, the pinnacle of  low output moving coil engineering, photographed in the act of extracting analogue information from the vinyl groove (a Six Eye, of course). Resistance is useless, the groove holds nothing back, it reveals all. better than CIA waterboarding.

But what’s that roaring sound in the distance! Why is the ground beginning to shake?!

Dynavector sent baby TKR 9,000 miles from Japan all the way to England, to a new home, LJC’s, to start a new life. But TKR’s mother is not happy. Her baby has been taken from her. She is angry, she wants TKR back. And she’s not taking no for an answer.


The Sound of the TKR is monstrous

Luminous, transparent, supple, liquid, dynamic yet natural presentation;  acoustic instruments surrounded by air, transients, attack and decay, notes hang effortlessly, a sense of spaciousness, invites you in to listen, and that’s all you want to do.

Records you thought you weren’t getting on too well with suddenly become new friends. Artists you didn’t take kindly to reveal their true sterling qualities.Old friends become even better friends. Suddenly a thousand records are chattering excitedly, queuing up for their turn on the turntable, to be caressed by TKR.  I look forward to becoming re-acquainted with all of them.

How is all this possible?

Search me. I don’t understand all the engineering, Dynavector describe the result as thus:

The Te Kaitora allowed analogue enthusiasts to embark on a voyage of discovery to the outer limits of vinyl reproduction.The improved Te Kaitora Rua continues the journey by incorporating many of the newest features of its Dynavector stable-mates, the XV-1s and XX-2. The Te Kaitora Rua has even managed to improve on the original’s silk-like treble and openness.

More than that, it looks seriously sexy, with that underwear as outerwear design. Its naked exposed coils stirs something in the analogue enthusiast, a place where man and machine come together as one. The Beast from the East is here to stay.


fastshow07My thanks to the boys from Infidelity, Hitesh and Carl, who patiently and professionally installed and adjusted the Beast to give of its best. Great job guys.

All credit too to my hi-fi guru, Guy, who has been nagging me over many years to make this move. The time was now right.

In recognition, have forwarded details of your current geo-location co-ordinates to TKR’s mum, who wants badly to catch up with you. Grrr…eat!!

17 thoughts on “The Beast from The East

  1. Curious as to what carts you’ve used in the past. I’ve worked my way up the DV line from the 10×4, to the 20x and have been enjoying the XX-2 for quite some time now. I’m entertaining thoughts of moving up the line in the near future. Did you have a chance to demo the TKR vs the XX-2? Or, maybe vs the XV-1?

    • My first proper cartridge on my Linn LP12 was a dog, the K9. Since retiring the Linn and moving to the Avid I have gone from the DV 10X to 20X high output to the TKR. I left out the middle step XX2, on the basis that life is too short for incremental moves. From here it is Giant Steps, you might say. I need to get to the finish line first.

      The SME V tonearm arrives in a couple of weeks, and the TKR is getting excited..

      • On my Garrard 401 I have the SMEV with an Ortofon 2M Black MM cartridge. Great for modern stereo records. The arm is a dream to work with. For older records I use a Denon DL102 mono and a reversible GE VR11 78rpm and mono cart. The two latter ones need heavy old school arms (Lenco L70). Fun to compare

  2. I don’t know how good the origin’s arms are but I think its a Rega based arm. I just received a Jeff spall Audiomods classic Tonearm and I’m blown away. He’s from your neck of the woods and if you ever want a Tonearm to handle that beast of yours. Give him a ring.

    • Thanks for the tip. Sadly there is a queue of other projects first – a valve based phono stage for starters.

        • Lets say I have butterfingers, am sort-sighted, and once picked up a soldering iron by the wrong end. Not a DIY man. The nice people at World Audio Design are custom-building me a phono stage, with a built in mono switch, internal silver wires, and some apparently sexy high performance valves and capacitors chosen by Man in a Shed designs

  3. I found a Te Kaitora For sale for a price of 2k usd. Only 15 hrs on it. Very tempting but I’m waiting for my new tonearm to be completed.

  4. It was early this morning. I was not awake yet and opened my favourite site LJC, What did I see in a flash? “The Best of the West”, the title of the two well known 10″ albums on Blue Note dedicated to Jazz West Coast. A change of direction? No, we are definitely heading East. Interesting stuff though. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Congrats, LJC. That cartridge looks the business. My Ortofon Concordes fade in comparison. I forwarded the link to your post to my neighbour, who described your cartridge close up as serious audiophile porn 😉

    A Dutch saying, loosely translated to English, goes: “if you don’t tickle yourself every now and then, you’ll never laugh” ! so it’s my guess you walk around the house with a smile from ear to ear.

    Last but not least the description you gave, already makes for a good read, but still I’d like to know a bit more. How’s the bass, mid and high with this new cartridge? Fuller? More kick? Sharper? Especially since you once told that your set up does not feature any equalizers and/or bass, mid and treble buttons. This post screams for more 😛

  6. once you enter this wild world of Sound, you are like a mouse surrounded by cats: you have to pay to keep yourself alive and well. I won’t be in your wife’s hands, if she only knew…

    • Clever boy! Know your stuff hehe.. The arm is now the weakest link. Until now the cartridge was.

      But there is another step necessary to complete the cartridge upgrade stage – a phono preamp. Then the arm gets it.

    • Thanks Dott, I feel better for reading that.. The summary confirms my upgrade strategy: all the other things have to be right before you see any benefit from a cartridge this good.

      “… a good turntable on a proper support and carrying a suitable arm (correct mass) …. the phonostage has to be sufficiently low noise to handle such low output…speakers big enough to accommodate a slim adult…”

      Check, and double check.

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