Boland Clarke Our Kinda Strauss (1966-72) Rearward


Selection: Peters Waltz (Sahib Shihab)

A big band interpretation of a favourite composition found on another Sahib Shihab recording All Those Cats . Here it is a vehicle for alto saxophonist Derek Humble, tenor saxophonist Johnny Griffin, and Sahib himself on baritone. What a line up!

Selection2: Rosenkavalier (Richard Strauss)

Put on your tuxedo and tails turn down the lights, pour a single malt, and float away. The problems of the world will just have to wait.

Clarke-Boland Big Band, variously: Jimmy Deuchar, Benny Bailey, Art Farmer, Derek Watkins, Idrees Sulieman, Shake Keane (t) Johnny Griffin, Karl Drewo, Herb Geller, Tony Coe, Sal Nistico, Derek Humble, Stan Robinson (ts) Ake Persson, Nat Peck (Trb), Sahib Shihab (bars,ss, fl) Fats Sadi, Tony Inzalaco, Kenny Clare (d, perc)  Francy Boland (organ) Engineered by Wolfgang Hirschmann, arranged by Francy Boland and Bora Rokovic, produced by Gigi Campi, recorded



A collection of modally-oriented waltz themes recorded between 1966 and 1972 by the Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band. In spite of the title, few of the tracks have a connection to Johann or Richard Strauss. Boland didn’t want to change the melodies of the few that did, for fear of ballroom dancing reprisals, Waltz-fans can get very nasty, so Yugoslav composer Bora Rokovic was brought in to do the essential dirty work.The tracks consistently swing and prove an perfect launchpad  for blistering  individual solos, all of whom are energized by the potent sounds of the full band.


Vinyl: RW106,  Double LP by the sparkling Italian label Rearward (1999). Its already Vintage minus – thirteen years old, and no skimping on the quality of the vinyl or pressing, which is astonishingly good for “modern” – shows it can be done (but so rarely is)


Seven of the album’s 16 tracks are previously unreleased, even collectors with the original records from which this set was assembled – Swing, Waltz  Swing (1966)  and various Big band sessions –  will want to have this beautifully remastered compilation


Collectors Corner

Source: West London record store

“Mr T” behind the counter looked twice at the title: Strauss? Sure you don’t want to sit down LJC, perhaps get some fresh air? Strauss? This should put the frighteners on our free fans, I thought: 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3…hehehe. Turns out not so frightening after all.

6 thoughts on “Boland Clarke Our Kinda Strauss (1966-72) Rearward

      • The Golden eight was reissued on CD at least I have a great TOCJ copy of it. Stunning music! The Encore Session on CD is nice too.

  1. Great choice LJC.
    I missed this when it came out, having bought the double vinyl Sahib Shihab ‘And All Those Cats’ that the same label put out around the same time.
    Always surprised that their Blue Note album has never been reissued.

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