A message from Sonny Rollins on his 83rd birthday

Rollins tape CaptureFor any who may not have caught up with this, a  brief message from the world’s greatest living jazz saxophonist – September 7, still standing at 83 – courtesy of YouTube


(A repost from the Jazz Video Guy)

3 thoughts on “A message from Sonny Rollins on his 83rd birthday

  1. 83! Happy birthday, Mr Rollins. Many 38 year-olds couldn’t manage as succinct and lucid a message as that. Stay healthy, play well and enjoy.

  2. Words fail to describe this man’s genius so I won’t even try. Glad to see he’s still going strong and still carrying the torch for all jazz legends while still practicing as much as he can to forever better himself. I saw him at a concert over here in the States a few years back and was amazed to hear that he’s still got it!

  3. Thanks for posting this. It was good to hear a positive message from this great man. I am awaiting a refund for tickets I had bought to see him at The Royal Albert Hall in mid-November (performance cancelled due to ill health). I’ll be using the cash to attend performances by current musicians, as without supporting them, the music we love will not move forward and will die out.

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