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LJC-HipHop-DJ-siMC Jazz says: Everyone seemed to enjoy the Most Wanted spot –  LJC crossed 1500 page views in just the one day for the first time. I am sure you all got lots of good ideas reading other people’s lists.  I figure there’s room for another post with a you-write-in, we sit back and enjoy it topic.

You do all the work, great!

Dottor Jazz suggested LJC make space for a little boasting about what you have in your collections, the records that you are most proud of, the rare and the beautiful, those objects all collectors desire, Smug Index off the scale:


This  might include the veritable Rolls Royce of record collecting – Blue Note Hank Mobley 1568 – probably the most expensive record in jazz collecting, though some of you may have other thoughts.

mobley1568ownersclub3Perhaps for most of us, especially those starting out or of lesser means,  it may be a little more modest a collection to show off.


No reason why you shouldn’t be proud of your records too, everyone has to start somewhere. My mum had an Austin 1100, a bit basic, but it got the family all around Europe, nothing wrong with it. What I am hoping it will turn out is a bit like this:


There’s room for everyone in this virtual kick-the-tyres Jazz Record Owners Club. Rules as with the Most Wanted posting, post to comments your list of the ten most desirable records in your collection – the ten of which you are most proud. They can be the most rare or most valuable, ones you like to show-off, or maybe just the best you have got.
Its an honour system – you do have to own it.

I will trust you, but remember imfamous ebay seller Nautiluso, one Thomas Lamprecht, who in 2009 netted $132,000 from 75 of the most desirable jazz records ever to come to auction, that didn’t exist.


(If you are out there Thomas, there are some collectors who would like a word with you)

This one is harder than playing Fantasy Record Collector – you have to own it. The purpose of your list is to provoke envy. I say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. There are hundreds possibly even thousands of LJC visitors want to know, what are the most desirable jazz records in your collection?

Envy rating 5

Format for list, , should be as before, posted as a new comment

artist first name and last name; record title;  detail of edition and anything noteworthy that makes it especially of interest, for example, personally signed by  John Coltrane, Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk.

You can list up to ten records, or fewer if you prefer, that’s good too. The usual suspects who can’t stop breaking the rules, be warned, I’m watching you: stand on the naughty step until you say you are sorry. And no sniggering at the back there.  If you are a world famous  Ebay seller, Bob, you can’t count stuff you have sold, only what is on your shelf. To those who want to bend the rules and stray beyond jazz, within reason, but they had better have a very interesting story.

Over to you. Green is Good.

Update: September 23, 2013

If you are struggling to stay within ten, and you are busting with goodies, indulge yourself and go for twenty. But no fillers or time-wasters. They gotta be good.

69 thoughts on “For Proud Record Owners

  1. Oops…here’s probably my rarest jazz records I own:

    Amancio D’Silva “Integration”
    Steve Lacy “solo at mandara” (w/OBI), “The Wire”
    Ric Colbeck “The Sun is coming up”
    Marzette Watts savoy
    Sun Ra “sleeping beauty” (handpainted cover)
    Han Bennink/Derek Bailey “icp 04” (handpainted cover)
    Han Bennink/Willem Breuker “icp 01” (handpainted cover)
    Eero Koivistainen “wahoo”
    Marion Brown “le temps fou”
    Michel Portal “our meanings and feelings”
    Various “For Example” FMP box

      • Thanks…love the site…and I love more traditional Blue Note, Impulse, etc stuff too but I think I listed these records because they truly do not pop up for sale very often where as many very expensive Blue Note records do show up for sale a few times a year at least..though of course they always sell for big bucks!

  2. Not sure if all these are up LJC’s street but here’s mine:

    1) Descendants of Mike and Phoebe; A Spirit Speaks; Strata East SES-19744
    2) Hal Singer & Jef Gilson; Soul of Africa; Le Chant du Monde LDX 74556
    3) Harry Beckett – Flare Up (Philips – 6308 026)
    4) James Tatum; Contemporary Jazz Mass; JTTP 1001 – black & white cover
    5) Joe Harriott / Amancio D’Silva Quartet; Hum Dono; Columbia SCX 6354
    6) Lyman Woodard Organization; Saturday Night Special; Strata Records SRI 105-75
    7) Ndikho Xaba and the Natives; S/T; Trilyte LR-7001
    8) Neil Ardley; A Symphony of Amaranths; Regal Zonophone SLRZ 1028
    9) Sahib Shihab; Jazz Joint Vol.2 “Companionship”; Vogue LDVS 17243
    10) Sam Rivers; Fuchsia Swing Song; BLP 4184 – my only Blue Note original mono; most of the rest are Japanese or later pressings – must do something about that.

    • Some fantastic records there. Most of which are much rarer than your average Blue Note mono. The Jazz Mass and The Descendents especially. Reminds me that the Billy Parker on Strata East was always a want of mine.

      • Thanks, unfortunately the Jazz Mass is a bit crackly, although still listenable. There’s a live James Tatum album (at Orchestra Hall & Paradise Theater) that is also really good and a bit easier to find.

  3. Here’s my suggestion, Dottore Andy: how about a list of the most critical Jazz EVENTS we wish we had witnessed? This would be much more fun than bragging about the most valuable items in our collections (my most valuable piece is not even a Jazz album, so it would be of no interest to the readers of this page).

    Here’s my list of the top-10 Jazz EVENTS I wish I’d have witnessed.

    (1) John Coltrane’s final concert (Baltimore, May 7, 1967)
    (2) Witnessing Charlie Parker’s and/or Billie Holiday’s final moments (no morbidity implied).
    (3) Seeing Miles Davis and Charles Mingus slugging it out (literally) during the “Blue Moods” sessions.
    (4) Being a fly on the wall during the Kind of Blue sessions.
    (5) Seeing Eric Dolphy’s European tour (1963/64)
    (6) Holding Sonny Rollins back when was about to jump from Manhattan Bridge (1959)
    (7) Talking to Bud Powell tête-à-tête and/or kissing Ben Webster’s slipper.
    (8) Seeing Albert Ayler’s performance at the Coltrane funeral.
    (9) Seeing Wes Montgomery perform live circa 1961/62.
    (10) Fishing with Django Reinhardt (and receiving his autograph)

    Oh, the list goes on, and on, and on….Anita O’Day’s incendiary pefromance at Newport ’58, Duke Ellington’s roof-raising Newport ’56 concert…Bitches Brew sessions….Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday duet session…

    By the way, where can I find me one of these “Mobley 1568 owners’ club” badges? They are soooo sexxxxyyyy !!!!

  4. Here goes:
    1) Wayne Shorter, Speak No Evil: Blue Note 4194–bought on ebay for, wait, wait, $0.99+ $4 shipping–cover ruined, but clean wax, first pressing
    2) Sun Ra, Some Blues But Not The Kind Thats Blue, El Saturn
    3) Horace Silver Quintet: Blue Note 5062
    4) After Hours with Miss D, Dinah Washington: Emarcy 10″
    5) Monk, Thelonious Himself, Riverside, RLP 12-235 white label.
    6) Duke Jordan, Jazz Laboratory Series, Signal S101
    7) Yusef Lateef, Eastern Sounds, Moodsville MV22
    8) Charlie Parker, New Sounds in Modern Music Vol 2, Savoy MG9001
    9) Jackie McLean, One Step Beyond, Blue Note 84137, signed by Jackie McLean
    10) Dexter Gordon, Daddy Plays the Horn, Bethlehem BCP36

    Fortunately there are many fine record stores in New England, and most of these came from brick and mortar shops.

  5. Wow. You think you’ve got a decent collection then this happens. I feel ashamed. Still, here goes…

    Coltrane, Gian Steps, Atlantic Black Label
    Coltrane, Blue Train, NY USA Label
    Dolphy, Outward Bound, Esquire
    Bill Bailey, Soul Eyes, Saba
    Joe Harriot, Southern Horizons, Jazzland
    Mingus, Black Saint, Impulse/Sparton Canadian press
    Monk, Genius Of Modern Music Vol 1+2, NY USA & West 63rd labels
    Miles, Round About Midnight, 6-Eye Mono
    Miles, Relaxin/Workin, Esquire
    New York Contemporary Five, Consequences, Fontana

    and one more for luck

    Muddy Waters, Electric Mud, Cadet

    All in top condition. Probably got stuff I am more pleased with owning but that is some of the most valuable. I think.

  6. Really an inspiration, reading the lists above. My humble contribution reads like this (in alphabetical order and strickly limited to 10 titles):

    Roy Brooks, Beat, Workshop W 220
    Dexter Gordon, Dexter calling, BLP 4083, NYC
    Johnny Griffin, A blowing session, BLP 1559, 47 w 63rd NY 23
    Doug Hammond, Folks, Idibib, DB 104
    Roy Haynes, Cracklin´, New jazz NJLP 8286
    Hank Mobley, Roll call, BLP 4031, 47 w 63 rd Inc
    Dizzy Reece, Asia Minor, Esquire 32-185
    Wayne Shorter, Night dreamer, BLP 4173, NYC
    Walter Strerath trio, Fly to brazil, FLY 0751
    Art Taylor, A.T.´s delight, BLP 4047, 47 w 63 rd Inc

  7. Grant Green; Idle Moments; Blue Note 4154 (original mono New York)
    Sonny Rollins Quintet; Rollins Plays for Bird; Esquire
    Stanley Turrentine; A Chip off the Old Block; Blue Note 4150 (original mono New York)
    Horace Silver; Blowin the Blues Away; Blue Note 4008 (47 West 63rd and New York labels mono)
    Horace Silver; Doin the Thing at the Village Gate; Blue Note 4076 (New York mono )
    Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers; Live at Birdland Vol 2; Blue Note 1521 (47 West 63rd)
    Ornette Coleman; Something Else!!!; UK Contemporary Vogue
    Art Pepper; Smack Up; Contemporary US Stereo
    Miles Davis; Bags Groove; Prestige New Jersey Fireworks label
    Von Freeman; Have No Fear; Nessa

    Hardly a list of collectible rarities compared to others’ but I only started collecting properly very recently and these are ten that I was highly delighted to bag – given my very modest budget.
    I have a few more early Blue Note pressings which were more expensive than some of the records here but price isn’t everything.

  8. Kees de Kat on September 24, 2013 at 11:22 said:

    Since my wife is from Italy(born in Berghida,Sardegna)and Paolo Fresu is her nephew I got interested in Italian jazz from the sixties.After a long period of listening to my Blue Notes,Prestiges,etc.,I was looking for a new musical impuls.I also tried to dig deeper in the British jazz scene.So my list is partly Italian and partly British.
    1. Modern Jazz Gang- Miles before and after- Adventure av.LM300/003
    2. Nunzio Rotondo- The artistry of NR – Music LPM2076
    3. Romano Mussolini-Mirage-PDU Pld. A6018
    4. Piero Umiliani-Intrigo a Los Angeles(chet baker)-CAM Cms.30-104
    5. Franco Cerri and his European All Stars(Lars Gullin) Col.QPX 8010
    6. Armando Trovajoli-The Beat Generation-RCA PML 10300
    7. Giorgio Buratti-Jazz forms for export-Durium D. 30-070
    8. Jimmy Deuchar-Pal Jimmy-Tempo TAP 20
    9. Paul Gonsalves-Boom-Jackie-Boom-Chick-Vocalion LAE 587
    10 Don Rendell-Presents the Jazz Six-Nixa NJL 7

    This is just a random selection,there are many more Tempo’s,Durium’s,etc.Collecting an unknown area is more adventurous,than taking part in the insane Blue Note hipe.At least to me.

  9. My humble list (in random order):
    – John Coltrane- Blue Train, Blue Note BLP 1577
    – Tadd Dameron with John Coltrane – Mating Call, Prestige PRLP 7070
    – Hank Mobley – Hank Mobley And His All Stars, Blue Note BLP 1544
    – Yusef Lateef – Prayer To The East, Savoy MG-12117
    – Miles Davis – Kind Of Blue, Columbia CL1355 & CS8163 (Mono & Stereo)
    – Bill Evans – Waltz For Debby, Riverside RLP399, RS9399 (Mono & Stereo)
    – Eric Dolphy – Out There, New Jazz NJLP-8252
    – George Wallington – Jazz For The Carriage Trade, Prestige PRLP 7032
    – Curtis Counce – You Get More Bounce With Curtis Counce, Contemporary C3539
    – Chet Baker & Art Pepper – Playboys, Pacific Jazz PJ-1234

    That was harder than I thought!

  10. 1. John Coltrane, Blue Train – DG mono W.63rd label
    2. Miles Davis, The Musings Of Miles – original mono Plastylite pressing
    3. Eric Dolphy, Out There – original mono DG purple label
    4. John Coltrane, Giant Steps – original mono DG black label
    5. Duke Ellington, Masterpieces By Ellington – original mono green label/red cover
    6. John Coltrane, A Love Supreme – original mono
    7. Thelonious Monk, Monk’s Music – DG mono blue label
    8. Bill Evans/Jim Hall, Undercurrent – original stereo Plastylite pressing
    9. Lee Morgan, Search For The New Land – New York label
    10. Miles Davis, Kind Of Blue – original 6-eye mono & stereo

  11. I’ve already posted a top ten rarities list,here’s another one

    Giorgio Azzolini Spanish portrait JAZZ D’ESSAI J.D.E. 6464652
    Nathan DAVIS peace treaty French SFP 10003
    Walter Davis Davis Cup Blue Note 4018 47 west 63rd original
    Enrico Intra Jazz in studio COLUMBIA 33QPX 8029
    Freddie Hubbard Anthology Black Shell 1-5 (unissued live box set)
    Yusef Lateef, Before Dawn LP, Original VERVE 8217
    Harold McNair Affectionate fink Island ILP 926
    The Phil Woods Quartet – Warm Woods (Epic LN 3436)

    May I send another top ten list in the future?

    • What a great list! Your other top ten was kind of my want list :). On this list too there are some of my top wants, like the Nathan Davis and Enrico Intra.

      • Here I go again
        Neil Ardley Le dejuner sur l’herbe Verve SVLP 9236
        INGE BRANDENBURG – It’s Alright With Me CBS / S 62644
        Marion Brown. Le Temps Fou. Polydor 658 142
        Hampton Hawes trio Hamp’s piano Saba 15149
        Rolf + Joachim Kühn Quartet: Re-union in Berlin LP German CBS S 62 407
        Steve Lacy Stalks Nippon Columbia YQ-7507-N
        Tommy Potter Hard funk East West 4001
        Dewey Redman Look for the black star Fontana 888 311 ZY
        Eraldo Volonte’ Free and loose Windsor WRLPS 1001
        Mal Waldron Skippin’ Mercury BT-1313 (Japan issue of Numera MAT8 by Sonny Grey)
        many many more by Lars Gullin,Oliver Nelson,A.Mangelsdorff etc.etc.

  12. I am a relatively young and beginner collector and my rare records are few and far between. I have managed to acquire a small handful of original mono pressings of RVG Bluenotes and Prestiges, these I am proud of even if they are the more common titles. They are fairly nice, but None of these are in the $1000 club (although I expect the Jackie McLean to be in the next 5 years)

    TOP 10:

    Jackie McLean; Alto Madness; Prestige 7144 (1st mono pressing)
    Grant Green; Green Street; Blue Note 4071 (1st mono pressing)
    Jimmy Smith; At the Organ Vol. 1; Bluenote 1551 (1st mono pressing)
    Dexter Gordon; Gettin’ Around; Blue Note 4204 (1st mono pressing)
    The Ray Draper Quintet; Featuring John Coltrane; New Jazz 8228 (1st/purple label)
    Lee Morgan; The Sidewinder; Blue Note 4157 (1st mono pressing)
    Lee Morgan; Search for a New Land; Blue Note 4169 (1st mono pressing)

    Ernie Henry Quartet; Seven Standards and a Blues; Riverside 12-248 (1st/ blue label)
    Joe Gordon; Introducing; EmArcy 36025; (1st mono pressing)
    Gene Krupa, Lionel Hampton, Teddy Wilson; Playing Some … ; Cleff 681 (1st mono pressing)

    • *topic suggstion*

      How do you go about organizing your jazz records? Alphabetically? By Label and number? by sub-genre? by instrumnet? by date? by country of origin? John Cusack’s famous auto-biographical method (a la hi-fidelity)?
      We all know how nice a row of Impulse! orange can look, but do you have a more personal method? This topic generally rquires explanation and exceptions, so a simple poll may not suffice.

  13. Well, if our host is going to 20 . . .

    11. Max Roach – Max – Argo black label
    12. Sonny Rollins – Plus 4 – Prestige fireworks NYC (have both covers, but prefer the Reid Miles)
    13. Dexter Gordon – Dexter Calling – Blue Note New York USA
    14. Jackie McLean – Bluesnik – Blue Note W. 63rd
    15. Charles Mingus – Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus – Impulse orange and black
    16. Booker Ervin – Blues Book – Prestige blue trident
    17. Clifford Brown and Max Roach – Clifford Brown and Max Roach – Emarcy drummer
    18. Thelonious Monk – Monk’s Music – Riverside blue twin reels
    19. Ike Quebec – Blue and Sentimental – Blue Note New York USA
    20. Joe Henderson – Mode for Joe – Blue Note New York USA

  14. They say never ask anyone to do anything you are not prepared to do yourself. I guess I ought to post my own list – gosh, difficult, isn’t it? Mine doesn’t get even close to the Dottor Jazz’s A-listers, or some of our colleagues, but then I am a late starter. All thought to be “original” US or 1st UK release, mono unless otherwise stated. My gaff, my rules.

    Top Ten
    Howard McGhee, Dusty Blue, UK Parlophone
    Miles Davis, Kind of Blue, Columbia 6-eye Stereo
    Grant Green, Idle Moments, BN 4154
    Howard McGhee, Music from The Connection (Tina Brooks), London
    Tubby Hayes, Jazz Couriers in Concert, Tempo TAP22
    Freddie Redd, Shades of Red, BN 4045
    Bill Evans, Waltz for Debby, Riverside 399 UK mono & stereo
    Barney Wilen, Afternoon in Paris, Atlantic 1267 Black
    Charles Mingus, Pithycanthropus Erectus, Atlantic 1237 Black
    Eric Dolphy, Outward Bound, UK Esquire 32-123

    …my next Top Ten
    Eric Dolphy, Out to Lunch, BN 4163
    Bennie Green, Soul Stirrin’, BN1599
    Pete LaRoca, Basra, BN 4025
    Donald Byrd, Byrd in Hand, BN 4019
    Dizzy Reece, Asia Minor, Esquire 32-185
    Sonny Rollins, Vol 2, BN 1558
    Freddie Hubbard, Goin’ Up, BN 4065
    Charles Mingus, East Coasting, UK Parlophone PMC 1092
    Wayne Shorter, Night Dreamer, BN 4173
    Curtis Fuller, The Opener, BN 1567 (no cover, honest)


    • If we can do twenty, here are my next 10:

      Ahmed Abdul-Malik, The Music of Ahmed Abdul-Malik, NJ8266
      Art Pepper, Meets the Rhythm Section, C3532 (mono) and LAC 12066 (UK)
      John Coltrane, Giant Steps, Atlantic 1311 (mono) and LTZ-K 15197 (UK)
      Marty Paich Quartet Featuring Art Pepper (UK 10″ on London)
      Oliver Nelson, The Blues and the Abstract Truth, Impulse A-5 mono and HMV CLD 1528
      Bill Evans Trio, Portrait in Jazz, Riverside 12-315
      Jackie Mclean, Lights Out, Prestige 7035
      Randy Weston, Music for the new African nations featuring the highlife, Colpix CP456
      Ornette Coleman, Something Else, Contemporary C3551 (mono)
      Charles Mingus, Blues and Roots, Atlantic 1305 (Mono)

      All original pressings as far as I know. I have quite a few duplicate UK and US pressings

  15. It was very hard for me, picking 10 records I’d desperately would love to have. I once stopped looking for high priced Blue Notes, just because they weren’t affordable and I totally overlooked great music on other labels.
    But a call for my most precious vinyl…happy to oblige.

    1. Chauncey Westbrook / Get out of town / Melba 12
    2. Joe Alexander / Blue Jubilee / Jazzland 23 (searched my ass off for it)
    3. Don Sleet / All members / Jazzland 45
    4. J.F.K. Quintet / Young ideas / Riverside 424
    5. Sal Nistico / Comin’ on up / Riverside 428
    6. Charles McPherson / Bebop revisited / Prestige 7359
    7. Booker Ervin / Groovin high / Prestige 7417 Stereo
    8. Dizzy Reece / Asia Minor / New Jazz / 8274
    9. Roy Haynes / Cymbalism / New Jazz / 8287
    10. Carmell Jones / The remarkable / Pacific Jazz 29
    11. Curtis Amy / Way down / Pacific Jazz 46
    12. Jimmy Woods / Conflict / Contemporary 3612
    13. Harold Land / Peace-maker / Cadet 813
    14. J.R. Monterose / In action / Studio 4
    15. Gap Mangione / Diana at the autumn wind / GRC 9001
    16. Dave Burns / Vanguard 9111
    17. Gene Shaw / Breakthrough / Argo 707
    18. Clifford Brown & Max Roach / Incorporated / Emarcy 36008
    19. Bill Hardman Quintet / Savoy 12170
    20. Wilbur Harden – The King and I / Savoy 13002

    I’m sorry for doubling the list. These are all records that are not very expensive but I had to look for them for quite some time or I had fortune. I decided to exclude the Blue Notes to shed some light on maybe overlooked albums. All are Mono unless otherwise noted.

  16. I’m sure some people will have some pretty impressive stuff, but here are a few of mine. Only a handful here that have some some sort of a smug / envy factor. Most of my items are more affordable LP’s that don’t have the recognition of some, but still sound wonderful as opposed to super duper early first pressings.

    All below are true VG++ to NM condition and sound fantastic.

    Art Pepper – Meets the Rhythm Section – mono UK Contemporary Vogue
    John Coltrane – Blue Train – mono 2nd Pressing 47 West 63rd St with ear
    Miles Davis – Kind of Blue – stereo and mono Columbia 6 eye
    Cannonball Adderley – Somethin Else – stereo NY labels with ear
    Bill Evans Trio – Walts for Debby – – stereo and mono first pressings

  17. – Herbie Nichols, Blue Note 1519 Lex
    – Art Ensemble of Chicago, Les Stances de Sophie, original French Pathe Marconi press
    – John Lee Hooker, The Country Blues, Riverside 12-838
    – Herbie Hancock, Maiden Voyage, Blue Note 4195
    – Herbie Hancock, Invetions and Dimensions, Blue Note 4147
    – Weldon Irvine, Time Capsule, Nodlew
    – Wayne Shorter, Juju, Blue Note 4182
    – Charles Mingus, Pithecantropus Erectus, Atlantic Black label
    – Steve Lacy with Don Cherry, Disposability, Prestige New Jazz
    – Various, Country Negro Jam Sessions, Folk Lyric FL111
    – Andrew Hill, Black Fire, Blue Note 4151

    All first issues etc. Could go on for some more, and have excluded 78’s. I did cheat and included two blues albums. Hard to choose which ones to list (I have some Dolphy’s, Coltrane’s, Mobley’s, Bill Evans’, Randy Weston’s, Jackie Mclean’s, Sun Ra’s etc…..).

  18. Hank Mobley 1568
    Jutta Hipp with Zoot Sims
    Jackie McLean The New Tradition
    Sonny Clark Cool Struttin
    Lee Morgan Candy
    Kenny Dorham Quiet Kenny
    Tommy Flanagan Overseas
    Lawrence Marable Tenorman
    Tina Brooks True Blue
    Sonny Rollins Saxophone Colossus

  19. I’m afraid this exercise will expose how small-time the highly opinionated DG Mono really is. But I’m gonna be fair here and play along, no matter what the humiliation. I would like to preface by saying that, although I love this stuff and can’t get enough of it, I believe I am relatively young for this hobby, and seeing that I am not yet a career-oriented individual in my professional life, I can only afford so much. Anyway, from the time I got serious about original jazz vinyl about a year ago, I have amassed the following:

    Sonny Rollins – Moving Out (Prestige 7058)…original NY address, strong VG…this was a gift from a friend, it was left behind from a local public radio station that changed formats years ago!

    Cliff Brown and Max Roach – Brown & Roach Incorporated (EmArcy 36008)…original blue back jacket…only VG but only six bucks!

    Johnny Coles – Little Johnny C (Blue Note 4144)…original mono…VG+…love this record start to finish

    Horace Silver Quintet – Finger Poppin (Blue Note 4008)…original mono no “R”…this is the record that started it all for me. I found it in a pile of unmarked vinyl in a record store in New Orleans about three years ago…pretty magical moment for me =)

    Horace Silver Quintet – The Tokyo Blues (Blue Note 4110)…original mono…my nicest vintage jazz record…solid VG++…I love Horace Silver’s solo on “Sayonara Blues”

    John Coltrane – Giant Steps (Atlantic 1311)…third press purple and orange label mono…sounds stellar…very happy with this pressing!

  20. Here are my ten:

    1 – Clark Terry, Freddie Hubbard, Dizzy Gillespie; The Alternate Blues; Pablo Today 2312-136 [1982, recorded 1980]; original US pressing, almost mint condition. Outtakes from the 1980 Pablo album “The Trumpet Summit Meets the Oscar Peterson Big Four”, an awesome recording of a late night jam session in studio.
    Dizzy Gillespie (tp), Freddie Hubbard, Clark Terry (tp, fh), Oscar Peterson (p), Joe Pass (g), Ray Brown (b), Bobby Durham (d).

    2 – Jorge Navarro; Navarro con Polenta; Aleluya Records AR-17001 [1977]; original pressing, ultra mint condition. Never reissued in any format, but I guess you can find some MP3 vinyl rip on internet. Also, a favourite of mine!
    Jorge Navarro (p, el-p, synth), Ricardo Lew (g), Juan Amaral (el-b), Norberto Minichilo (d), Roberto Valencia (perc), Oscar Cardozo Ocampo (arr, dir)

    3 – Oscar Peterson; Original Score from “The Silent Partner”; Pablo Today 2312-103 [1979]; original US pressing, mint condition. The title explains almost everything. This record is so rare that I couldn’t find it even on the web. It was on a record store where they didn’t knew what they had, so I bought it really cheap, along with a nice Eddie Cochran record.
    Clark Terry (tp), Benny Carter (as), Zoot Sims (ts), Oscar Peterson (p), Milt Jackson (vib), John Heard (b), Grady Tate (d).

    4 – Almendra; Almendra; RCA Vik LZ – 1160 [1969]; original Argentine pressing, regular condition. Not a jazz record (although there is a nice swingin’ track), this is the first album made by legendary argentine rock band Almendra, and it’s considered one of the best Argentine albums in history. It’s a classic, and every song in this record are classic too. This is like having an original pressing of “Please Please Me”, or in Coltrane terms, something like “Blue Train”.
    Luis Alberto Spinetta (vcl, g, p), Edelmiro Molinari (vcl, g, org), Emilio del Guercio (vcl, el-b, recorder!), Rodolfo García (vcl, d, perc).

    5 – Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky; Symphony No. 6 in B minor, OP. 74; MEAOAИЯ (or something like this, sorry!) [I don’t know the year]; Pretty good condition. Again, not a jazz record. Thick old vinyl, so I guess it’s from the sixties or maybe late fifties. “Made in USSR”.

    6 – George Benson; Weekend in L.A.; Warner 2WB 3139 [1978]; original US pressing, mint condition. Double album. Not my favourite Benson record, but it’s a nice piece of my collection. Featuring Jorge Dalto, known here as “El Loco”.
    George Benson (vcl, g), Jorge Dalto (p, key), Ronnie Foster (key), Phil Upchurch (g), Stanley Banks (el-b), Harvey Mason (d), Ralph MacDonald (perc).

    7 – Enrique Villegas, Paul Gonsalves, Willie Cook; Encuentro; Trova TL22 [1968]; original argentine pressing, regular condition. Duke Ellington came to Buenos Aires in 1968, and two members of the orchestra, Gonsalvez and Cook, recorded this album with a great local rhythm section, led by pianist Enrique “Mono” Villegas. A hot jam session. Drummer Eduardo Casalla, passed away recently. I never played with him, althought I saw him many times in gigs and jams.
    Willie Cook (tp), Paul Gonsalves (ts), Enrique Villegas (p), Alfredo Remus (b), Eduardo Casalla (d).

    8 – Jelly Roll Morton; New Orleans Memories; Commodore XFL 14942 [1979, recorded 1939]; US pressing, perfect condition. Jelly Roll’s historic recordings in an almost new vinyl. This record was played less than four times, including the one I did for digitalize it. Includes two inussued sides.
    Jelly Roll Morton (p, vcl).

    9 – Peter Nero, Boston Pops Orchestra; Nero Goes “Pops”, An All-Gershwin Program; RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2821 [1965]; mid-sixties argentine pressing, good condition. Rare record. One of the first records in my collection. I bought it many years ago, and I didn’t knew Peter Nero at that time (I was a 15 year old boy), and it’s still one of my favourite records. I guess it’s quite rare, I’ve never seen another copy.
    Peter Nero (p, arr), George Duvivier (b), Bobby Rosengarden (d), Arthur Fiedler (dir).

    10 – Gene Krupa, Lionel Hampton, Teddy Wilson; Gene Krupa, Lionel Hampton, Teddy Wilson; Verve 2304 482 MONO [1956, recorded 1955]; Rare Uruguayean 1956 pressing, almost mint condition. Recorded at the time they were filming “The Benny Goodman Story”
    Teddy Wilson (p), Lionel Hampton (vib), Red Callender (b), Gene Krupa (d).

    I also bought four new LPs in Montréal two years ago, Bob Dylan’s “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan”, Beatles’ “Abbey Road”, Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon”, Nina Simone’ “The Amazing Nina Simone” and John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme”. Of course, all of them are in perfect condition, but I didn’t want to put them in my list.

  21. thanks!
    11) Jack Sheldon: Get out of town c/w Quintet with Zoot Simms: Jazz West 1/2, 10″, USA
    12) Charlie Parker: New sounds in modern music, Savoy MG 9000, 9001, 9010, 9011, 10″, USA (complete series, I could’t break)
    13) Chet Baker: Sextet & Quartet: Music LPM 2094, ITA
    14) Donald Byrd: Byrd blows on Beacon Hill, Transition TRLP 7, with booklet, USA
    15) John Coltrane: Cosmic Music: Coltrane records AU 4950, USA
    16) Eddie Costa: The house of blue lights: Dot DLP 3206, USA
    17) Freddie Redd: Shades of Redd, Blue Note 4045, 47w63, USA
    18) Chico Hamilton: That Hamilton man: Sesac N 2901/02, USA
    19) Freddie Hubbard: Open sesame, Blue Note 4040, 47w63, USA
    20) Sun Ra: Jazz by Sun Ra, Transition TRLP 10, with booklet, USA

    I won’t, but I’d go further…

  22. I’m only at the begining of this journey, so just 3 first release items from me:

    Eric Dolphy – Out to lunch, mono, near mint, original Blue Note 4163, with all the trappings
    Miles Davis – Kind of Blue, mono, near mint, Columbia 6 eye, early pressing
    Charles Mingus – The Black Saint and the Sinner lady, mono, near mint, Impulse A-35, with all the trappings

    • I have Out to Lunch as well. Probably the most expensive record I own. The majority of my collection is made up of reissues. In the past I was just interested in getting the music, but I’ve recently started to upgrade some of my favorites.

  23. All first pressings unless noted:

    1. Sonny Rollins – Saxophone Colossus – Prestige NYC fireworks
    2. George Wallington – The Prestidigitator – East-West
    3. Miles Davis – Birth of the Cool – Capitol turquoise
    4. Charles Mingus – Pithecanthropus Erectus – Atlantic black label
    5. Max Roach Plus 4 – On the Chicago Scene – Emarcy drummer
    6. Hank Mobley – Soul Station – Blue Note W. 63rd
    7. Booker Ervin – That’s It! – Candid
    8. Richard Williams – New Horn in Town – Candid
    9. Dexter Gordon – Dexter Blows Hot and Cool – Dootone blue and yellow
    10. Sonny Rollins – Way Out West – Contemporary

    • Complements on your choices, but # 7 and #9 in particular. What an incredible session Booker Ervin’s Candid album is — why it almost always fails to show up on various want lists is beyond me.

  24. + Sonny Rollins – Saxophone Colossus LP (Prestige USA, yellow fireworks label with NYork address)
    + John Lewis & Sacha Distel – Afternoon In Paris LP (Versailles France)
    + Quartetto Di Lucca – Quartetto Di Lucca LP (RCA Italy)
    + Art Pepper – The Return Of Art Pepper LP (Jazz West USA)
    + Duke Pearson – Angel Eyes LP (Polydor, UK only)
    + Sahib Shihab – Companionship 2LP (Vogue Germany)
    + Miles Davis – Ascenseur Pour L’Echafaud 10″ (Fontana France, very first pressing without the mention of “Prix Louis Delluc 1957” on the cover)
    + Art Farmer & Gigi Gryce – When Farmer Met Gryce LP (Prestige USA, yellow fireworks label with NY address)
    + Roy Haynes – Cymbalism LP (New Jazz USA)
    + Sestetto Basso-Valdambrini – The Best Modern Jazz In Italy 1962 LP (RCA Italy)

  25. Damn me for this bloody idea: ten only? how can I choose among my children?
    Strictly in alfabetical order:

    1) Albert Ayler: no title, blanck cover; Bird Notes BNLP 2, SWE
    2) Chet Baker: Chet is back! RCA Victor PML 10307, triple folder cover, ITA
    3) John Coltrane: Blue Train, Blue Note 1577, New York 23, USA
    4) Ted Curson: Plenty of horn, Old Town OT LP 2003, blue vinyl, USA
    5) Eric Dolphy: Outward bound, New Jazz 8236, purple (tighten up with Out there, New Jazz 8252, purple), USA
    6) Kenny Dorham: The arrival of K. D., Jaro JAM 5007, USA
    7) Johnny Griffin: The congregation, Blue Note 1580, 47w63, USA
    8) Jackie McLean: The new tradition, Ad Lib 6601, USA
    9) Charles Mingus: Music written for Monterey, Jazz Workshop JWS 0013-0014, single pocket jacket, mail order only, USA
    10) Sonny Rollins: Saxophone colossus, Prestige 7079, yellow NY, USA
    Now I wanna die for havin’ excluded Debut, Dial, Transition, Jazz West, Intro…..

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