LJC Time Machine: five rides to events of your choosing


Thanks to LJC’s unique Jazz Time Machine,  you can now go back in time and be present at any jazz musical venue or event of your choice in the history of jazz. I am offering  free rides to  FIVE historical moments or events of your choosing. (This quiz is based loosely on a suggestion by Bob Djukic, which I have stolen  improved on, as holder of a poetic license – with no endorsements)

Popular destinations might include say May 15 1953, to see Bird, Gillespie, Mingus, Powell and Roach at Massey Hall , Toronto. Or may be June 25, 1961, a front row seat (naturally) at the Village Vanguard to see Bill Evans Trio; or April 21 and 22 1961 (double ticket counts as just one choice,  free accommodation overnight courtesy of LJC, naturally ) to see Miles Davis and Hank Mobley live at the Blackhawk San Francisco. Or choose Café Bohemia where you will be personally miss-introduced  by Pee Wee Marquette unless you give a generous tip  (drinks on the house all night, naturally) And as a special treat, an LJC backstage pass will allow you to have a chat with the band, ask any musician of your choice your burning question.

You are not limited to live venues or gigs. LJC has obtained exclusive recording studio access passes that allow admission to Hackensack, Englewood Cliffs, Columbia’s 30th Street NY , Nola’s Penthouse, in fact anywhere you like really, to be present during the recording of your favourite artists and records. Just name your session.

Alternatively you can choose to be present at any jazz-related event. Thanks to the marvel of the LJC Time Machine, you can even alter the course of history, say, by tipping off Art Pepper that he was about to be busted and so evade the Feds and save years in the Penitentiary Big Band; or visit Slugs Saloon in the small hours of February 19, 1972 , jogging Helen More’s arm as she shoots Lee Morgan, and so narrowly missing him ( and thereby wiping millions off collector’s value of his early Blue Notes)

The Time Machine is due to go in for its hundred thousand year service shortly, so you need to make your choices. Post in comments your FIVE events in time you would most like to visit. The intelligent search function built-in to the dashboard will locate the exact time and place if you are not sure. If you have difficulty counting up to five, well, I’m flexible.


The Time Engine is running, LJC will be your chauffeur, ready and waiting, hop in.

When to, Guv’nor?

31 thoughts on “LJC Time Machine: five rides to events of your choosing

  1. Blakey, Brown etc. at Birdland
    Duke Ellington at Newport 1956
    Attend the Blue Note recording session for Blakey’s The Big Beat and meet Lion & Wolfe
    Catch Illinois Jacquet and others at one of the JATP concerts
    Somehow keep Sonny Clark on the straight and narrow prolonging his career and our enjoyment

  2. Bill Evans Village Vanguard Session, June 21 & 22, 1961; Art Blakey, featuring Clifford Brown, At Birdland, February 1954; Miles Davis Quintet in Japan July 12 & 15, 1964; Booker Little & Eric Dolphy At The Five Spot, July 16, 1961; Thelonious Monk At The IT Club, Oct. 31 & Nov. 1, 1964

  3. I am totally in awe of the quality of ideas in these posts, so much so, I am reluctant to submit my own humble destinations, but its my show, so I will:

    1. Village Vanguard, Bill Evans Trio, recording Waltz for Debby, among others. I have a prepared a large sign that states” Silence Please During the Recording of Mr Evans New Record!!” – and a quantity of laxatives to spike the diner’s drinks, so they form a queue for the amenities downstairs and don’t chatter during the performance.

    2. Somewhere in the early Seventies I propose to locate Hank Mobley and check him into Rehab, from which I expect he will emerge fully functioning, as the Heavyweight Champion of the Tenor, and go on to greater things.

    3. Use my Englewood Cliffs studio pass to be present during the first take of the recording of Grant Green’s “Idle Moments”, the take that over ran to 14 minutes, and stand by Alfred Lion’s decision to shorten the second track to accommodate the most magical suspension of time ever on record.

    4. 1956 Newport Jazz Festival to hear Duke Ellington/ Paul Gonsalves Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue 60 chorus frenzy drive the audience wild.

    5. I’m keeping my options open too

  4. Oh, so many things I wish I’d been around to catch: Bird live (anywhere), Coltrane, especially the Half Note gigs circa. 1965, but also the later band with Pharoah. Then Miles with Wayne, Herbie, Ron and Tony. Closer to home, any gig by Tubbs: a typical night back at Ronnie’s old place and the Bulls Head, Barnes on a night when Dick Morrissey’s quartet with Harry South were on.

  5. I can think of so many things I’d like to go back in time for, but since we’re talking jazz here, I can only say that I’d like to take the time machine to attend recording sessions. Here’s my completely random top five:

    01. In de studio with Parker on any given recording date for Dial
    02. The Blue Note dates that comprise Miles Davis’ initial 10-inch releases and later 1501/1502
    03. The Café Bohemia recording sessions for Blue Note
    04. Any given recording date for any given album by Thelonious Monk
    05. Any given recording date for any given vocal album by Chet Baker

    Of course I can think of hundreds of other albums/CDs of which I’d like to be a ‘fly on the wall’ during the recording sessions, but these five options popped in my head immediately 😉

  6. 1/ The Village Vanguard, NYC, in mid-November 1985 for Joe Henderson’s triumphant return for the performances later released on Blue Note as State of the Tenor. The coughing individual adds something to the recording, so I wouldn’t wish to have linctus, cough sweets or even a Fisherman’s Friend about my person.
    2/ Back to the Miles Davis performance at London’s Royal Festival Hall in @1986 (I think- must check my programme) for ‘Time after Time’ and to see if 25 years later I am not mistaken that Miles was the only man who could wear shiny gold trousers and get away with it.
    3/ The incredible Jimmy Smith in the 50’s at Smalls or out in Delaware at Wilmington’s Club Baby Grand (I saw him in London at the end of the 80’s and wonder what he was like when he was emerging).
    4/ Grant Green, anywhere, prior to 1966.
    5/ I’ll keep my fifth in reserve- it is too good a pass to waste on the spur of the moment.

  7. Like to get back in time and be part of the Jazz Loft Project of Hall Overton in New York City together with Thelonious Monk and Zoot Sims and many others, who were jamming in total freedom after their concerts in New York. Recently spoke with Steve Swallow during our Junas festival; he was part of it as a young youngster and fully agreed: it was a great place full of jamming with people coming and going in the early morning.

  8. I’m not really good at historical dates, so sorry for that, but I know few things I’d like to see:
    1. Thelonious Monk around 1947 in Five Spots.After the show I’d like to wander the New York Streets
    2. Eric Dolphy and John Coltrane in 1961
    3. Eric Dolphy and Charles Mingus in 1960, around the time of “Mingus presents MIngus”
    4. Miles Davis’ second great quintet after the release of “Miles Smiles”

  9. to have been Dolphy’s doctor, I’m sure i would have diagnosed diabetes that killed him.
    to have been the photographer who took Trane’s pic for A love supreme.
    to have attended a Davis concert in 1958. I saw him much later, in 1958 I was 5.
    to know the truth on Ayler’s death: drowned in Hudson River.
    to have escorted Mingus to Tijuana.

  10. I am going to cheat a little and add another five time travels (after already posting ten on another thread :-)).

    – Miles Davis’ first performance (circa 1947)

    – Charlie Christian and Thelonious Monk jammin’ at the Minton’s (circa 1940)

    – Being with Antonio Carlos Jobim, Stan Getz, Astrud and Joao Gilberto in Getz’ kitchen during the Stan Getz / João Gilberto recording sessions.

    – Seeing Marion Williams perform live (she was scheduled to perform in Central Park, but died a day earlier…I was devastated…)

    – Being by Monk’s side for the photo shoot for “Underground” (1968).

    (Thanks for the opportunity, Andy).

  11. May 31, 1955 – Clifford Brown’s Philly jam session at Music City which is the back half of “The Beginning and the End” (the liner notes of which incorrectly date the show from June 1956). His performance on “Donna Lee” is the tops.

    Would have also been great to see Cannonball’s first sit-in with the Pettiford group in 1955.

  12. Jazzhus Montmartre , Copenhagen 4 and 5th July 1973: Johnny Griffin, Kenny Drew, etc
    Jazzhus Montmartre , Copenhagen 20 and 21st July 1973: Dexter Gordon, Jackie Mc Lean, NHOP, Kenny Drew and Alex Riel
    Jazzhus Montmartre , Copenhagen 17th July 1973: Jackie Mc Lean and Gary Bartz, etc

    Must have been fun living in Copenhagen in July 1973…

  13. Just one trip will be enough for me, and it is an easy choice. Given the opportunity, I’d go back to the afternoon of June 26, 1956, and close the Pennsylvania Turnpike for the rest of the night.

  14. Top time-machine gigs:
    Louis Armstrong with his Hot Five or Seven in Chicago.
    Charlie Parker at Mintons.
    Ornette Coleman’s historic gigs at the Five Spot.
    Eric Dolphy and Booker Little at the Five Spot.
    Shelley Manne’s band at the Manne Hole.
    Miles Davis at the Plugged Nickel.
    Sorry that’s six – if I got stuck in time at the last one then so be it

  15. I’ll take a different tack, show my sensitive side and send your wayback machine to 1951. I’d find the street that Bud Powell’s grandmother lived and tell Powell and Monk to move their parked car before the cops came. Seems that NYC’s finest caught them outside the house with heroin, which was Bud’s but Monk the driver took the rap. He lost his cabaret card for several years, his dignity and the world alot of great live music. Of course it forced him into the studios of which we are now the beneficiaries of.


  16. Nice idea, Mr. LJC. Right now as I type this on little phone with big fingers I am thinking more of going back to a place/ moment in time like the late 50’s early60’s in my home town Chicago to be of age to hit all the clubs on 63 rd street and elsewhere like the Beehive to see Bird and pres and the Crown Propeller Lounge to see Ammons and Stitt and McKie’s to hear.. you get the idea.
    I would also like go back to music events I was at in my teens so I could rehear and re appreciate on a different level. Like seeing Mingus on a Sunday matinee at the Plugged Nickel on Wells street, I’ d dig to hear again what I heard. Ii saw Coltrane and Shepp at the Downbeat Music Festival at Soldier Field in Chicago in 1965, think they came pn after a set by Bud Freeman, talk about a mudicsl extreme,when I was thirteen. I know it blew me away but I would love the chance to remember it better.
    I could go on, but ..

        • I left in 1999. Got to see Muddy Waters at the Taste of Chicago back in my teen years. Craziest thing I ever saw was at a random club on a Tuesday night in 1989, The Who showed up after a 3 night stint at Alpine Valley. Me, 2 buddies and 5 other drunks and a local Blues band playing. Entwhistle and Simon Philips their drummer at the time came down and played a set with the band. Too bad that Daltry and Townsend hung back.

          • Boo-hoo-hoo!!! . In my next life, I want to reincarnate as you being at that Muddy Waters gig somewhere on the South Side, circa 1963/64. Little Walter, Otis Spann, Jimmy Rogers, Willie Dixon and Hubert Sumlin mandatory…James Cotton and Buddy Guy optional :-),

            For me, personally, the Who’s concert at the Shea Stadium in September 1982 was the greatest thing ever — but not because of the Who; it was Clash who stole the show, blew The Who to bits and nearly toppled the stadium.

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