Prestige covers: what’s the alternative?


First and second covers for original Prestige releases, pictures from the bounty of the internet, as I don’t have many of these myself. Though some alternative covers were introduced to accompany the formal reissue with new Prestige catalogue number, the focus here is where two or more covers exist for the original Prestige release.

With some you can recognise the repackaging of rising and falling artists. Coltrane rises, especially after his moved to Impulse left Weinstock with a lot of material recorded for Prestige, poor Elmo Hope is air-brushed out of existence, Gene Ammons given alternative covers for no obvious reason, likewise Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis. In other cases a mere change of colour – would it go better with someone’s new carpet and curtains?

I’m sure there may be other alternatives, and a few I have missed as I can’t source a picture at the present time, and some I may have mixed up the first with the second cover, if you know better, feel free to add to the comments. Click pictures to view full screen.

My Thanks to Rudolf, for his encyclopaedic knowledge of all things jazz, and the good Dottorjazz for same, and setting me off on  this wild goose chase exciting challenge!. It seemed a good idea at the time.










Notorious miss-print 7029 as 7020







7043 (2)










Green exists!






Triple Coltrane cover madness contributed by Bob Djukic

Postscript: 7014 Green cover – two differet typesetting /fonts. Left copy cursive italic font “Prestige lp” -with NYC label; the conventional capitalised font “PRESTIGE HI FI” on the right, also NYC label (hat tip Frederik)


7109 – Discogs list 38 different impressions of Bags Groove, including one from the Soviet Melodiya label. Here the basic green NYC and blue Bergenfield NY editions

Updated Feb 2015 on expert opinion (Rudolf F) that the Blue Green is the earlier cover. I’m sayin’ nuthin’


7064 Red Garland Garland of Red first cover with paint strokes, variously coloured “pianos”, second cover without (Hat tip, Rudolf and Aaron)


Updated continuously as new information comes to light


58 thoughts on “Prestige covers: what’s the alternative?

  1. more searching, more doubts: Miles Davis Bags Groove, Prestige 7109.
    here above there’re two covers: a green one (NYC) and a blue/green (NJ), each has its own address, 447 west 50th street New York OR 203 SO Washington Av. Bergenfield N J
    I’ve a NYC yellow dg RVG fireworks in a blue/green cover with NYC address.
    do I have to throw it out of my window?

    • when I bought my first Bags’ Groove way back in the fifties, it was the pale blue/green cover with the NYC adress on the rear and on the labels. Subsequent versions were greener than the first. Don’t throw anything out of the window, you will be fined for littering and it would be a pity since your copy looks to be an original. In the presentation above, I would suggest to put blue/green version first.

  2. There are also two variations of 7229 – one with pink lettering and one with green lettering. My thinking was that the pink lettering is the earlier version but I’m interested if anyone else has an opinion on this.

  3. There is also a 7014 cover version which is green but with the same type of logo as on the blue. It has the W50th street labels. I have this version.

    • I hinted at this one before. Never had it in my hands though, saw it on EBay. The cover should be laminated, unlike the first green version, which was kakubushi. Furthermore yours should have a broad spine with album title printed. Please confirm if I am right.

      • Ok Rudolf, I’ve checked my copy and the cover is laminated and has a broad spine with the album title. I’m actually considering replacing my copy with the kakubushi cover version, even though my copy also have the NYC labels and is in fabulous condition. That’s how obsessive I am in having the absolute 1st pressings of every record. But I guess this copy will do for a while still… cause it’s as close as you can get to a 1st, right? By the way, check out my YouTube channel where I’ve started showing my records at:

        I hope some more of you guys perhaps will consider creating a similar channel, that would be awesome. So you can see the people you’re conversing with on this site and Jazzcollector. Come on guys… I dare you 😉

        • chapeau Fredrik!
          I’ve just gone along the EP’s video and I can’t stand having a look at all others.
          some sparse feelings about it: you look very young but a deep knowledge is clear.
          we should reflect on the concept of RARE.
          how many 1568 in a year? how many of ANY of these EP’s in the same time?
          this video shows a large group of rarities, most seen for the first time by me.
          interesting the real genesis of Flanagan’s Over CCCCCC.
          and endorsed your intention in finding Prestige too.
          I am pretty sure we are TWINS in looking for originals only.
          near the end you call the records shown: my beloved EP’s.
          I call mine my beloved sons…..
          anyway it’s a great way of introducing an astonishing collection to all of us.
          maybe Europeans and Japanese are more interested in this kind of collecting, less Americans, but it’s been a great pleasure to have come in touch of them.
          thanks Fredrik.

          • Hi dottorjazz, glad you liked the video. Not so young though, but I take that as an complement… 🙂 Regarding rare and how many 1568 in a year… have a look at the Jackie on AdLib video.. now that’s rare. Unplayed vinyl. Would be great to have look inside some of the other jazz collectors records on video. It just makes it more real to me.

  4. there is a late, obscure, second issue of 7109: on a blue background, the familiar letters/numbers by Reid Miles are in black and white, alternated. I suspect this to be a trident label issue.
    Curiosity: Soviet Melodiya issued 7109 with liners in Russian, and the familiar letter type front cover, with the title in black cyrillic overprint. A green background, with white and yellow characters alternated. Red Melodiya labels. (There is a copy for sale right now, from Lithuania for £ 7.)

  5. To me the most striking pairing is 7123 where the original cover is engaging and bold. But, to me, the later cover with Trane’s earnest portrait simply presented is even better. I will probably never get my hands on an original and my Stateside pressing, with the same great second cover, is entirely listenable.

  6. Andrew, I my panorama the two 7105 don’t show.
    7020: the first was the pink, the second the green. The first is kakubushi, thin spine, unlaminated, the second laminated, broad spine and title plus the catalogue number on the front in the 7080 vein. (see my comments on 7014).

    • A WordPress issue here, too easy to accidentally delete one picture while adding another in adjacent text. Its a free service, one can’t be too hard on them.. 7015 reinstated, and the green pink reversed – I was guessing, 50% probability either way.

      For the rest, the quality of pictures on the net rarely allows you the luxury of identifying the spine and lamination – you are lucky that the cover is in focus. I will updated the post as other photos come to light.

          • Thank you, third cover of 7039 now in place. Happy to have any further amendments, as required.

            Bob Djukic has kindly sent me three colour-variants of 7280, uploaded. What were these people on?

            Next project, new covers for Prestige second issues, underway.

              • Missed it first time around, thanks, it’s up in the mix.

                The sequence of these cover pairs leaves a little to be desired, as its been added to piecemeal. I had no idea when I embarked on this idea that there were so many reissues of the Prestige catalogue! Or how crafty Weinstock was in giving old records new identities. And there is still more to come.

  7. The Japanese collecting community tackled this subject a few years ago for Prestige and Riverside too I believe. I bought these 3 books on BN, Prestige and Riverside. Unfortunately, the books are 99% in Japanese but they have picture of the (some) of the covers that have been redone. Thanks for tackling this in a language I can understand (most days anyway).

    • OMG those books are something, I feel a visit to Amazon Japan coming on. I bet the Riverside covers all the angles on the 92mm and 100mm labels. You just have to figure out which pictograms in Japanese mean “Deep Groove”. Can’t be that difficult. I figured out “Factory Sample“, no problem

  8. Nice work, never seen anybody tackle this topic! Two things, does Miles Davis And Horns 7025 really have a cover variation? It looks to me like the red just faded. Also there needs to be an entry for 7105 with the original yellow cover and second red cover.

  9. Fantastic entry here. I’d like to add that Sonny Rollins 7029 had a “first state” cover which had 7020 in the upper left, which was later corrected to 7029, the one shown above. No idea how many of them were printed before they fixed the error. Also, I read somewhere that the first state of Sonny Rollins 7038 is kakabuchi , while the second state, otherwise identical, is not. Unfortunately both of my copies of these two are second states.

    • P.S.
      7014 exists in a second print green version. No kakubushi, but laminated front, broad spine with album title. The Prestige logo and catalogue number in front are like the one on the later blue version (note the difference between the two designs on LJC’s pictures). This print and letter type on front and spine was used by Prestige only for PrLp 7070, 7071, 7072, 7073, 7074, 7075, 7076, 7078, 7079 and 7080, issued mid-1957 The second green cover is laminated, the first is not. So we have here a 1957 reprint of an original 1955/56 issue.
      The brown Two Tenors sleeve of 7043 is the second print. The photo cover with Trane in the Impulse period is the third edition.

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