LJC Educational Supplement : Weinstock, Dr van Gelder, plus BN Edition 2 links from DottorJazz

Professor Jazz

Professor Jazz

1957At the cutting edge of 1957, this fascinating snippet from Audio magazine sent me by DaveS and Felixstrange (is there a Book Club?).

Thanks boys (more work!)  The magazine itself seems around 90% 50’s hi-fi advertising so I’ve edited out the ad,  and  screen-captured it from the pdf at 200%, to make it more readable at full screen. (On your “smartphone”, good luck!)

I learned a good few things from it, you may too.  Classmates, be warned, you may be tested on the detail later. For me, Bob Weinstock emerges as a far more sympathetic character than I originally gave him credit for. However somebody has to take responsibility for those pressings cut with recycled vinyl.

This is the first course material leading to the LJC University Master of Jazz on Vinyl diploma. With the letters  LJC.U – M.J.V. after your name, your posts on Organissimo or Steve Hoffman Forum become automatically more authoritative, more credible, engendering respect, routinely crushing dissent.

Audio December 1957 cover

16-3rd: The Revolution that nearly was.

Jazz and All That 1Jazz and all that 2

Blue Note: Dottorjazz   Blue Note Illustrated: Original First Mono Pressings Edition 2 – in five parts

BNI v2

Edition 2 available – previous links to mega hosting no longer work, now removed. Go here:


Professor Jazz
LJC University,  South London Campus – Students Union Bar


Now that’s more like it!


5 thoughts on “LJC Educational Supplement : Weinstock, Dr van Gelder, plus BN Edition 2 links from DottorJazz

  1. So far, one of my best bargains has been the purchase of three Blue Notes, which I bought in a lot; one of them being Joe Henderson’s Page One. I paid 180 Euro for the lot and the Henderson turned out to be a true 1st pressing. The other one was Lee Morgan’s The Sidewinder (a 2nd pressing but still pre-Liberty) and Don Cherry’s Complete Communion, which turned out to be an ‘earless’ Liberty pressing. The Henderson is in absolutely stunning nick and up to this day I’m over the moon with it. You can see the photos by clicking HERE 😉


  2. Still have to read through all of this, but by Jove what an overwhelming amount of information again. And a big “grazie mille” to the Dottore again, ’cause his Blue Note Illustrated just gets better and better.


    • Holy crap… I read the article Dottore, it’s unbelievable. The amount of records he buys is beyond estimation. I wish we had a guy like that here in The Netherlands. I’d love to work in his storage facility, indexing every single record, day after day 😉


  3. Weistock hoped “newer collectors would be helped in putting together a representative collection cheaply”.
    raise hands for bargains of any of those same records Bob was talking about.
    I’m sure anyone among us got his own bargain, once in a lifetime.
    Maybe even myself had one, but now I can’t remember and have checked my last 3 decades in collecting.


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