London Event Sunday 16th November, 2014





Jazz event not to miss, live recording, performance, artist interviews, and chat (including questions from the invited audience) On the sofa, quiz the real LJC.

Tickets on application to

More information on the Jazz at Metropolis TV series



15 thoughts on “London Event Sunday 16th November, 2014

  1. Saw this episode last night here in Australia, yes we are a little behind. Enjoyed the show and joked to my wife that this is the guy who I copied my record cleaning fluid from. She shook her head. It is available to watch online, at least in Australia for the moment. It’s probably region blocked and wont stay on the SBS website for more the a few weeks.

    • Mobbed by cheering LJC wellwishers..umm.. not exactly, though the ten-minute interview with Neil Cowley on vintage vinyl jazz collecting went well (or so everyone else thought, including stalwart Man-in-a-Shed, who accompanied me.)

      The studio musical performances were excellent (all filmed live in 4k ultra-high definition), LJC in the close-up audience shots. Up and coming talent Kris Bowers, Berklee/ Monk prizewinner, delivered a delightful solo deconstruction (with tape loops) of the Ellington staple “Caravan” which he chopped and shredded, picked at, danced around, in an imaginative and energetic way that showed great originality and promise. I even warmed to our chanteuse jazz singer, a reminder that live performance is a different animal to vinyl home-listening.

      The producer turned up a box of V-Discs, something until now I had never heard of. Recorded for the US armed forces in the early 1940’s as a patriotic morale-booster during the musicians union strike against major record labels, they were apparently among the first vinyl records, due to wartime shortage of shellac. This supports my somewhat jaundiced view, that more beneficial inventions and discoveries are made as a bi-product of war, than are made in the pursuit of peace.

      The Jazz at the Metropolis TV series will run for six episodes, this was the fourth. being filmed. Hopefully anglophone TV channels will flock to buy the series, otherwise my cover as LJC will not be broken. I got the impression there is recognition of a resurgence towards jazz and vinyl, at least from the thinking demographic. Kris told us his label Concorde was planning future releases to be made available on vinyl as well as digital media. And he had just bought a turntable. That’s a most positive note on which to end.


    • Too late, I have cosmetic surgery booked immediately after the show, plus two for one special offer, I get a new personality to go with it, and I have a one-way ticket to South America to start a new life under my new identity: TierraDelFuegoJazzCollector. Watch this space, amigo.

  2. I hope someone of the readers can record this broadcast and put it on YouTube.
    please let us know.
    for all who love to follow our host, he’s even been quoted in the aknowledgments of the great new book on Blue Note, Uncompromising Expression.
    this guy is really flying high.

  3. i don’t suppose i can get free airfare from the US, can I? i DID take pictures of like nine labels for you… that’s gotta at least be worth an extra half-can of soda on the flight.

  4. Sounds interesting. I will try to get along. I’m delighted you are getting the recognition that your excellent blog merits.
    By strange coincidence I ‘m currently listening to the new Neil Cowley Trio CD ‘Touch And Flee’ and it will be the next contemporary recording that I take a look at over at

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