Winter Sun! Five nights in Tunisia!


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Here’s the idea, hope you like it. Often, posts have been about this record or that artist or that label. But if we dice and slice things differently, hold the tune fixed, vary the players, instruments and timeframe, crystallise the different approach of different artists, and different fluency … Continue reading

Home Listening Improvements 2014


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We have been in Outer Space a while, now it’s time to come down to Earth An occasional post for the hi-fi enthusiast. Devotees of music through hand-held multi-tasking devices may wish to look away at this point. This post … Continue reading

The Brits are coming! Jimmy Deuchar, Victor Feldman (1955) Contemporary


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With Hogmanay fast approaching, it’s Brit-night at LJC. Up first a timely introduction to one of Scotland’s finest jazz exports, Jimmy Deuchar, in the company of some of Britain’s finest jazz musicians five decades ago. Following which you will be introduced … Continue reading

Sun Ra: Jazz/ Sun Song (1956) Delmark re-copy


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The citizens of Saturn wish you all a merry Christmas and a very spacious New Year. They are despatching a small seasonal gift as a gesture of thanks for fifty years of Earth hospitality. United Saturn Postal Service will be delivering this by interplanetary freight. It may … Continue reading

Sun Ra: Super-Sonic Sounds (1956) Impulse


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Further Adventures in Lo-Fi In a modest living room somewhere in deepest South East  London, something rather remarkable began to happen. Acoustic space between hi fi speakers,  previously populated with the ghostly shadows of jazz musicians long since passed began slowly transforming into … Continue reading

Sun Ra: Jazz in Silhouette (1959) DOL reissue


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opening Selection: Enlightenment (Dotson) Artists Hobart Dotson (trumpet) Bo Bailey (trombone) Marshall Allen, James Spaulding (alto saxophone, flute) John Gilmore (tenor saxophone) Charles Davis (baritone saxophone) Pat Patrick (baritone saxophone, flute) Sun Ra (piano, celeste) Ronnie Boykins (bass) William Cochran … Continue reading