Art of The Saxophone, Two for One.


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On occasional post, about music, of all things. Music. Who’d have thought it? LJC, LJC, it’s always the same: always something different… Enough of comparing vinyl reissues, all that commercial  competitive chest-beating stuff,  lets get “musical” and what could be more … Continue reading

Rare Blue Note: what’s the collector alternative? UPDATED extra sample and poll added


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Audiophile Alternatives: USA and Tokyo go head-to-head Record Test:  BLP 4059 Kenny Drew title “Undercurrent” (1960) Contestants: Music Matters 33  edition vs late 1970’s vintage King Records, Japan. NEW!  a third contestant, Classic Records added at the last minute, rip courtesy of LJC … Continue reading

Marty Paich/Art Pepper: Like Wow! (1956) Interlude


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WILD WEST (COAST) ALERT! Girly cover! Convicted felon on alto! Wrong year in jazz! Two artists “missing” –  from credits! Half songs previously issued under different album title!  Welcome to the Wild West (coast) of music publishing. Like, Wow! Selection: … Continue reading

The British Jazz Explosion (1966-9) EMI Lansdowne


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Five Selections: your five-a-day portions of jazz, for a healthy listening diet. I provide a sample from an album, they provide a sample from an album, I figure if its good enough for them it’s good enough for me too. Artists: … Continue reading