Extraordinary auction of jazz vinyl, Paris France, 24th November 2015

LJC-Michael-Caine- Professor Jazz fastshow30As some readers have discovered to their ire, LJC has a strict policy of not getting involved in the buying and selling of records. I am committed to research and education, everything on this site is strictly non-commercial. However there are occasions when something compelling and of interest to the whole jazz community comes along, and the rules need to be set aside, if only  briefly.

There is a remarkable jazz collection, which has caused my jaw to drop several times over, coming under the auction hammer, in France.  A huge collection unaffordable due to its sheer size and depth,has been parcelled up with expertise of a French auction site, into over 500 bite-size lots. Savoir-faire

I have never bought anything at an auction, I am not recommending this auction, but I spent some considerable time leafing through the lots, and I expect many of you would find considerable interest in surveying the lifetime spoils of an avid collector of impeccable taste.  In the traffic-accident business I believe this it is called “rubber-necking” .

Among the spoils are autographed  to die for individual items, and lots of scarce Blue Note/ Impulse/ You Name It, along with a local Gallic-bent which may or may not float your boat, but the US heritage is strong.

I have no dog in this fight, but I thought the wider community of jazz lovers world-wide might find some pleasure in rolling over for a tummy-tickle. The promotional invitation is reproduced below, in good faith. without any warranty.

A sample of one of the lots


Illustrated catalog here , and links below.



This remarkable selection has been collected with patience and passion for 30 years by a discreet but no less great lover of music which will be held by Ferri & Associés, 24th of November, at the Drouot-Richelieu, Paris, at 11 am in auction-room 13.

As a true anthology of jazz music, the collection composed of extremely rare vinyls, such as the Africa vinyl John Coltrane and his group, dating from 1961, autographed by John Coltrane but also by McCoy Tyner and Elvin Jones, a vinyl Sam Suffy from Marc Moulin or the famous Sahib jazz Party by Sahib Shihab Fontana and many more.
Prestigious labels as Impulse, Blue Note, Prestige, New Jazz, Riverside, Verve and Capital, and various vinyls published by independent labels, also very important as African-American jazzmen as Chet Baker, Sydney Bechett, Sonny Clark, John Coltrane, Kenny Dorham, Miles Davis, Freddie Hubbard, Joe Henderson, Lee Morgan, Horace Silver or Georges Arvanitas… 

All types of jazz are represented, from Classical to Jazz Free, through gypsy jazz, the ethno jazz, vocal jazz or Nordic, are sure to delight connoisseurs, enthusiasts and music lovers.

This collection represents 522 lots that you can find in our online catalog, described by Mr. Arnaud BOUBET expert , record store owner and Paris Jazz Corner Jazz Corner Café, with whom Ferri & Associés inaugurated the Drouot auction of jazz with the sale of the exceptional collection of the actor Pierre Mondy March 22, 2013.

You can find the complete and illustrated catalog here and more details on our website www.ferri-drouot.com  


This has been a public-service announcement from LondonJazzCollector. Normal non-commercial service will be resumed as soon as possible.

UPDATE December 15, 2015 – promised auction results available


Link works for me.

Sample of results:

druot result 4druot result 5druot result 1druot result 2

45 thoughts on “Extraordinary auction of jazz vinyl, Paris France, 24th November 2015

  1. (repost to escape the dreaded WordPress drainpipe)
    Excellent, you have the magic key.
    I see the Versailles edition of Afternoon in Paris went for only €150, a bargain. All those lovely Barney Wilen albums including The Jazz Track, brings tears to the eyes. Thanks. I have posted the link up to the page, and included a few screen grabs should the link expire at some point.
    Some very happy collectors out there.

  2. Aarrgh! Afternoon interrupted so didn’t get a chance to bid on the the Rollins or Anthony Williams lots I wanted to chase. Ah well, c’est la vie.

  3. Viva La France. Salute to a country that in all probability saved Jazz and harbored it’s musicians when America let it starve. Sure, most all of Europe, the UK and Japan were there, but France was first and perhaps the most loyal to this refined taste of an American art form. Sad that so many here in the USA have demeaned the French, when they are also our oldest ally. In the wakening of Friday the 13th, with Parisians being slaughtered, may I say our prayers should be with these people, the lovers of freedom and Jazz. Thank you.

  4. It seems to be clarified that this is the collection of a person called Davis Manet from a post at jazzcollector.com

    “Hello, your site (jazzcollector.com) is wonderful. My jazz records collection will be sold in Paris at auction the 24th of November. Maybe you be gentle enough to evacuate this on your Web site. Here is the link to the auction to use. I am afraid it is in French . . . Regards. David Manet

  5. Oh, how I wish I could hop over to Paris by taking The Eurostar through the Channel Tunnel. It has long been a dream of mine to go through marvel of engineering.

  6. The grading was made by Arnaud Boubet from the parisian record Shop Paris jazz corner whom expertise is worldwide known. He is using a very conservative grading, explained on the first page of the catalog. Nothing is mint unless sealed. Vg+ is for top condition. Vg is for collectable condition. Vg- can present some light defects. There is no junk or garbage condition.

  7. A few nice titles which seem original, but the grading is very low on all unfourtunately. Not very appealing to me. You have no idea how their grading philosophy is, and if a record is graded VG-, VG or VG+ I wouldn’t be interested. Interesting though, to browse through the catalogue.

    • Their grading is according to description VERY conservative. Explained in the catalogue. Their:

      Mint = perfect new (not used)
      VG+ = No sounding defects
      VG = Very little sounding defects
      VG- = Lightly sounding Defects
      G = Apparent problems visually and audibly

      VG+ sounds like NM
      VG as EX etc.

  8. I knew Pierre Mondy very well ! He was a great actor and producer for the french TVS and did a lot as a director actors in theaters too. He first bought his first 78 RPM during the 2nd world war. He had thousands of CDS and DVDS too .

  9. The grading seems low on many LPs. For example the stereo Blue Train “VG” which is unplayable in my book. Maybe it’s very conservative grading?

    • I agree, to spend serious money on vintage vinyl with an average of VG to VG+……pass. Ir-regardless of how collectible a record is, when you drop the needle and all you hear is background noise, you’ve wasted your money. Quality over Collectibility.

  10. Wow! Thanks for the heads up on this. If, by some extraordinary stroke of luck, I win vast quantities of cash on the Lotto this weekend, you and I could pop over to France and buy all of it……and have a few glasses of wine as well…….

    • and I should also say that any duplicates would be handed out to readers of your blog for a small donation to some charities.

  11. Now that the dollar is strong against the euro, maybe I will bid on the whole auction. Seriously though, some of the lots are so voluminous that your would end up with a fair number of duplicates if you had any sizeable collection of your own to start with, which I presume many of us have.

  12. Extraordinary. Frankly, I can hardly look, for feeling ill with desire! Someone (or several folk) will be having a very happy Christmas.

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