Twenty Most Smokin’ Jazz LP Covers: Reader Poll

LJC READER POLL: Pick your top twenty Most Smokin’ Jazz LP Covers


Vote now!

Vote for up to twenty of your favourite covers.

Poll listing as in the last post (listed in posted order)

Poll lasts One Week. All votes must be cast in one session, no changes permitted. No further suggestion accepted. Polldaddy  automatically keeps count until you reach your allocation of twenty votes.

For ease of reference, the hundred smokin’ cover nominations are reposted below the poll (without my running commentary and weak witty jokes) The order of entries in the poll is the same as the post. Any votes cast in favour of Anthony Braxton: New York, Fall 1974 will be automatically disqualified,  the “vote now” button disabled, and will automatically trigger self-destruct mode countdown.

Come back often to see how your favourites are doing.

LJC avatarAnother milestone! In the next week, you may become LJC’s two millionth pageview. Thank you all for reading and supporting . Unfortunately, there’s plenty more to come. So many records, so much good music, so little time.



11 thoughts on “Twenty Most Smokin’ Jazz LP Covers: Reader Poll

  1. I know I probably nominated it, but on reflection Archie Shepp’s (unlit, if I am not mistaken) pipe on the front of FOUR FOR TRANE should probably be disqualified 🙂

    And Bink, you won’t find a Mal Waldron cover on which he isn’t smoking — I’m sure of it. Mal was a professional smoker.

  2. Wow, quite a lot!
    However, Count Basie cover (LPM-1112) which I would vote for, the photo is there, but is not on the vote sheet?

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