Seismic changes in Europe, jazz unaffected, mostly.

Following the earth-shattering UK referendum result to leave membership of the European Union, I want to re-assure all jazz-loving readers around the world that LondonJazzCollector will REMAIN your premier UK jazz blog, and LEAVE you to comment on all posts as usual, in whichever country you may reside (residents of Saturn included). Jazz will continue to have no borders.

By a narrow margin (52%:48%)  Britain has voted to remain an independent parliamentary democracy, something it has been since the Magna Carta, or possibly 1066, the Norman Invasion, or 1640-something, when we executing the last of our hereditary monarch -history never was one of my strengths- but  certainly for at least for a good three hundred and fifty years, give or take a bit.

Anyway, it is done, whatever the arguments for and against, we now will remain an independent parliamentary democracy, able to  elect and hold those elected to account. (If we can find any, that is – they all seem to have resigned).

Vintage Vinyl Futures

Professor Jazz

Professor Jazz

Who knows what effect there may be on vinyl auction prices over coming weeks, given the present volatility of exchange rates. It is PayPal and eBay’s problem, good luck to them. Then there is the prospect of customs charges between the UK and former EU member states, a two way street, but taxes rarely go down.  In the interim, I recommend you stock up on vintage British Jazz on vinyl. Tubby Hayes Tempo titles are a particularly strong hedge against uncertainty.

As for the rest of things, heaven only knows, I certainly don’t. Good luck to all of us, we will muddle through. We usually do. Keep Calm, Keep Collecting Vinyl.




♥ Lonely Hearts

Newly-divorced  European country, small but well-endowed, GSOH,  WLTM similar, with a view to trade and social relationships, longer term perhaps more. Send photo (S.A.E. returnable) and vital statistics (GDP estimates, S&P credit rating). All serious offers considered. No timewasters, and sorry, no swingers.

¿ Into Bondage ?

German-speaking  dominatrix has unexpected vacancy in her client list.  All forms of humiliation catered for, own transport – ‘home visit’ option. Expressions of interest invited,  all currencies welcome except Sterling. Sorry, no credit cards.


GB EU plateFor immediate sale- one set of car number plates featuring EU symbol on rear plate. Would suit buyer with similar number and their own paints. Would consider swap for similar with GB symbol on rear plate. Stock market shortfall forces reluctant sale.


14 thoughts on “Seismic changes in Europe, jazz unaffected, mostly.

  1. Great to see the new small adverts section. Please accept mine:-
    For immediate sale- one set of car number plates featuring EU symbol on rear plate. Would suit buyer with similar number and their own paints. Would consider swap for similar with GB symbol on rear plate. Stock market shortfall forces reluctant sale.

    • Why French? Because tonight’s choice is Italian.

      I just picked up some Inama Soave Classico, Vigneti di Lot, even better than the Vigneti di Foscarino, which is a riot. And I have some Pieropan in the wings as reserve, and some Anselmi “Veneto bianco” (Capitel di Foscarino) waiting for me back in France.

      It’s a bit like the European Cup here at LJC, but only two teams, French and Italian. Each evening they have a rematch. Sometimes one wins, sometimes the other.

      You have to watch for the French though, they have a wild card still to play: Guigal Condrieu.

      Now you know. Comparing different Blue Note pressings is not unlike comparing two different wines. Both may be good, but which is better? The fun is finding out.

      • Condrieu!, LJC giving expert advice to novices. Things are getting serious overthere, on the South Bank. Enjoy (with moderation)..

      • How I love Your articles. Having collected jazz lps for 45 years I consider myself a seasoned collector. However, Your very thoughtful articles keep me running to my files for long forgotten gems, and they are more than just a few. This days understatement. Keep up With Your excellent and highly enlightening writings.
        Friendly regards from ebayer erling24, Norway.
        With most of Tubbys Tempos on my shelves !

        • Oh, by the way :
          My ebay name is 8543erling, not erling24 as stated above..
          Im not very active there at present, but ebay has supplied me With hundreds and hundreds of lps from all over the Whole world during the past years.

  2. Although somewhat familiar with classic British literature, I was completely surprised by the events that unfolded on Friday. My ignorance of the underlying causes is profound. I do know, however, that our markets are all linked. All large corporations are multinational.

    What causes worry is the apparent growth of nationalism. The last time this occurred on a mass scale was during the period between WW1 and WW2. There is a significant difference between patriotism and nationalism. This is a topic that the great British historian and scholar, Arnold J. Toynbee, explores in detail in his 12 volume “History.” For those like myself, who don’t have the time or inclination to become Toynbee scholars, there are condensed versions of Toynbee’s “History” available for a few dollars on

    I discovered Arnold Toynbee through my study of Joseph Campbell. In my humble opinion, Toynbee is a genius of the highest calibre, perhaps on a level with Edward Gibbon. He was, unfortunately, neglected and ignored, even by the majority of academia in the States.

  3. With all the possible upheaval, here in the colonies it’s funny(sort of) that Trump would try to make capital of the vote in Scotland, where overwhelmingly they voted to stay.
    As they say: Stupid is as Stupid does.

    • With the celebration of your own Independence Day fast approaching, if you find your own current leadership race unpalatable, it occurs to me there may be a window to turn back the clock. The time could now be right to bring back the British Empire, you guys go back to being one of our colonies. Think about it, it could have advantages.

  4. Has anyone noticed that Boris Johnson is the UK Doppelganger for Donald Trump? Oh my! I fear the good vinyl buyers of the U.K. are being taken on a con ride. If the pound stays weak against the dollar, ordering great original Jazz albums from the U.S. could get even more expensive.

    • Good point, DaveS. WordPress bill me in USD. Right now I read the USD/GBP exchange rate has just got very “volatile”. Hopefully, once the hedge fund short sellers and long sellers have closed their positions and pocketed their billions, common sense will prevail. Nothing has changed fundamentally, or if it has, it is certainly too early to know how.

      I shall open a bottle of good French wine this evening, seems as good a reason as any.

      • You’re right – little or no effect on jazz or hopefully any other music. However despite the many EU related problems can going it alone ever work in this complex and dangerous world ? Except with the time machine of recorded sound turning back the clock is unlikely to be a viable option !

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