The recording studio in the sky…gains its finest engineer: RVG no longer with us, his heritage lives on.




It’s been a good few weeks for the afterlife jam session – first Bobby Hutcherson, Toots Thielmans, Louis Smith, now Rudy has cut his last acetate. The giants are gathering on the other side. We have so much to be grateful for, our lives have been greatly enriched: Hackensack, Englewood Cliffs, the sound of Blue Note still rings its clarion call from our turntables, yesterday, today and tomorrow, Rudy has left us all his life’s work.

This is just to say “Thank you, Rudy”


13 thoughts on “The recording studio in the sky…gains its finest engineer: RVG no longer with us, his heritage lives on.

  1. Just finding this out, as it’s not the kind of thing that shows up in my Yahoo news. So here on 9/11
    I find that Rudy Van Gelder has passed. Forgive this analogy, it’s not meant to disrespect the date, but it’s like a giant tower has fallen, leaving beautiful warm sounds that can enter your very soul. So today it’s not the 9/11 I usually connect with. It’s RVG, not just stamped in dead wax, or with his presence in those grooves. There is much more. There will always be that spirit there for us, the lucky living souls who can take in the heavenly feeling of those sounds.

  2. Let’s celebrate the man and listen to his wonderful works. I declare this bank holiday weekend “Rudy Fest” If that’s ok with you LJC.

  3. Thats reality.
    The longer we live the more friends see we go.
    We have their work in vinyl and they are well remembered.

  4. I see no reason to amend what I said over on the forum:

    Rudy has gone, aged 91. He died on Thursday 25th August and with him I suppose we must acknowledge that an era has passed, never to be seen again — an era when jazz heroes fought to be recorded by an amateur self-taught engineer/optometrist in his home studio, and a sonic world was shaped which would outlast virtually every musician who walked into either of Rudy’s studios. Rudy’s legacy will outlast us here too. What an extraordinary achievement.

  5. I grew up listening to this mans recordings, I still treasure each and every one of them.

    Rest well R V G.

  6. No doubt, the best thing to ever come out of New Jersey! Rudy is the reason God gave us ears. 10,000 listening hours of pure joy, what a legecy to leave ! Thanks R. V. G.

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