Kind of Blue Data Collection – what’s your six-eye matrix?


I didn’t want my mailbox jammed with everyone telling me what KoB matrices they have got (some did anyway, great) – but then I had a brainwave: Polldaddy!  Hopefully this will work. If it doesn’t then there’s nothing lost, except I look a bit stupid, though that wouldn’t be the first time. It could be interesting!. Six-eye only, it gets too complicated otherwise. Everybody gets a shout, the whole world, our friends in the non-Anglosphere can  have a go too.

Four separate “polls” for your six-eye copies – one for each of your  mono Side 1, mono Side 2stereo Side 1, and stereo Side 2. CBS overprint six-eye is allowed. If you have multiple copies, I am allowing up to five to be recorded, beyond that choose the earliest. If you have two the same, I can’t help you. If you don’t know which is earliest, go back and read the previous post. If you don’t have a six-eye KoB, call yourself a record collector? Go bid on one immediately.

Poll is open for one week (Pollydaddy rules) so get “voting”. You can vote only once, so do all your data entry in one go before pressing the vote button.  Take care to keep the mono sides in their polls, and the stereo copies in their own two polls. Don’t mix them. Comments are allowed if you want to add anything. If I’ve missed anything, mucked up any of the poll permissions, get in touch with the LJC Complaints Hot-Line, where a full time team of six moderators are waiting 24/7 for your calls.

Sponsored Link: If you can’t read your matrix codes, I can recommend Specsavers.

Mono six eye Side 1 matrix

Mono six-eye Side 2 matrix

Stereo six eye Side 1 matrix

Stereo six-eye Side 2 matrix

Check back frequently, see how hot LJC readers are as collectors.


1 thought on “Kind of Blue Data Collection – what’s your six-eye matrix?

  1. Sorry, I mistakenly indicated 1AL on the Stereo Side One poll. I thought I was in the mono poll.
    Please remove to maintain the accuracy of the poll. Thank you for your efforts for us audiophiles.


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