The Ultimate Audiophile Upgrade


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The design of the human ear preceded the creation of the home hi-fidelity listening by somewhere around a half million years. In that time and until recently, the only way to improve your sound quality experience was through expensive equipment upgrades. … Continue reading

Clifford Jordan: Night of The Mark VII (Muse) 1975


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Selection: John Coltrane ( Bill Lee) 7:45 .  .  . Artists Clifford Jordan, tenor sax; Cedar Walton, piano; Sam Jones, bass; Billy Higgins, drums.  Recorded live in Paris, France, March 26, 1975, Muse album not released until 1978, issued in … Continue reading

Sonny Rollins: 1558 – Volume 2 (Blue Note) 1957 (updated)


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(Updated March 24: matrixes of 1st edition) Records inexplicably not previously posted. I had occasion to want to check something regarding 1558, went to my pages, only to find it not there. No there there at all. No longer overlooked, … Continue reading

Another Blue Note puzzle, 1st Edition, 2nd Edition, 3rd Edition…


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We like puzzles here at LJC, especially Blue Note ones, they stretch what you know, sometimes force you to rearrange what you think you know, but isn’t right. It’s good to be smart, but better to be even smarter.  A … Continue reading

Hey, Guttenberg, we like your Type! Liberty Part III


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(UPDATED May 18, 2021 Liberty Keystone character change) Blue Note record covers showcase the wonderful graphic elements of photography, design and typography brought together by Reid Miles. The array of fonts Miles selected changed from title to title, and nice … Continue reading