Kenny Cox: Introducing the Contemporary Jazz Quintet (1968) Blue Note/Liberty

16 thoughts on “Kenny Cox: Introducing the Contemporary Jazz Quintet (1968) Blue Note/Liberty

  1. According to this recent Jazz Bastard post, one of the later albums also suffers from production/mastering problems:

  2. I’ve came across the CD reissue a couple of years ago. Both Introducing… and Multidirection are among my favorite 60s recordings. I wish Cox could have continued in this vein.

    Some people reading this might be interested to know that tracks from each session (both Moore and Cox compositions) were covered by David Weiss group, “Point of Departure”. I prefer the originals, but the remakes are also interesting.

    This is one of the Point of Departure albums:

  3. I have Multidirection on white and blue Liberty. Love every second of it. Bought it at Andra Jazz in Stockholm where they had lots of copies. Mostly black and blue but some white and blue.

  4. Just found myself a copy of Multidirectional blue/black Liberty label today. VanGelder stamp! I would have skipped over mister Cox entirely had I not read this review.

    If you’re curious I can send pics.

  5. I have and like very much the Multidirection lp, but never heard much enthusiasm elsewhere for the group before. The modal stuff from that end of the 60s on Blue note are some of the most interesting for me (especially Elvin Jones as mentioned), as I have had enough decades of hard bop from Blue note, it’s mainly the Lee Morgan that still holds my interest of the older style. Thanks for a listen to some of this one also.

  6. I have seen Kenny Cox Contemporary Quintet and his gorilla Jam band . Mr Cox was a very fine musician. He was a disc jockey at WDET Public Radio Station 101.9 back in late 70 s. It was so many Jazz Artist come out of Detroit.

  7. I’ve got both of the Kenny Cox Blue Notes on blue/white Liberty LPs as well as the great Conn 2CD reissue from some years back (thank you, Mr Cuscuna).

    There were some interesting things put out during that late 60s BN Liberty era – Kenny Cox, Eddie Gale’s Ghetto Music, Don Cherry, Booker Ervin, Tyrone Washington, psychadelically-influenced Big John Patton, Larry Young and Lonnie Smith releases. Much of it under-rated.

  8. Wow, sorry to hear you may not get out much in the Goodle U.S.A. Thought you might have somewhat of an inkling where Detroit was since most of the hots cats of the 50’s came from there..Hold up your right hand, looking at the palm side-that is Michigan. See? Now you have a map too!

  9. this is a great record, one i’m proud to say i’ve been enjoying for several years. good to see it get wider exposure.

  10. Detroit is the home of Motown, at the time it was mostly a black city,Berry Gordy, the boss, was black for a change. Remember, he gave us Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye

  11. Danny Moore, the trumpet player with Cox, once wrote an open ‘death threat’ letter to fellow brassman Don Ellis when the latter dared criticise John Coltrane in the pages of DownBeat.
    Don’t get much of that in jazz these days…

    • Charles Moore was the trumpet player and Danny Spencer was the drummer, but yes, that letter does ring a bell. Moore was in NYC for a minute in the ’60s playing with a group called the Detroit Contemporary Four. No recordings exist that I know of.

  12. One of my favorite albums. My dad was a friend of Kenny Cox.

    On Wed, Apr 24, 2019, 9:51 AM LondonJazzCollector wrote:

    > LondonJazzCollector posted: ” Selection: Dianhh (Leon Henderson) . . . > Artists Kenny Cox, piano; Charles Moore, trumpet; Leon Henderson, tenor > saxophone; Ron Brooks, bass; Danny Spencer, drums, recorded by Duke > Pearson, re-recorded by Rudy Van G” >

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