Jazz Standards: “Summertime” Miles vs. Freddie


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Summer 2019 starts on Friday, June 21, 2019 (in 21 days) and ends on Monday, September 23rd 2019 (in 115 days). Rapidly approaching, lazy days and warm nights, the living is easy, an early taste of Summertime. Head-To-Head, another Jazz Standard goes into … Continue reading

Francy Boland: Cologne Scene (late ’60s) Schema/Rearward


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An experiment, in a novel form of A:B comparison, combined with some big band personnel detective work. In summary, LJC out on a limb, as usual. Selection: The Girl and The Turk (Boland) .  .  . Artists Trio: Francy Boland, piano; … Continue reading

Frank Laico: Recording Engineer, Columbia 30th Street Studios.


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A break from the vinyl treadmill to a topic dear to the hearts of some, heroes of the recording studio, the engineers behind the sound of Modern Jazz. Names we know, Van Gelder, DuNann, Plaut, and that wonderful engineer at … Continue reading