Blues Memorabilia

Howling Wolf, London 17th May 1970

In London to record the famous London Sessions, Wolf took time out to play a gig at London’s Regent Polytechnic .The British blues boom was riding high, and LJC was playing lead guitar in a blues band. Word quickly spread Howling Wolf was in town and  I snapped up a ticket.

We were treated to all the greats, Smokestack Lightening, Fattening Frogs for Snakes, Built for Comfort not for Speed, all the songs we worshipped, coming from The Master himself, all 300 pounds in an XXXL suit, dominating the tiny stage.  At the close of the gig, a young LJC hastily tore a poster off the wall and fought his way through the cheering crowd. Pen in hand, I thrust it before the beaming, perspiring Howling Wolf, who graciously reached down and signed it for me.


Those were the days. Not that I am nostalgic, but it was a priviledged time before “stadium concerts” and giant venues, when stars performed and were approachable. We will not see the likes again. My copy of the music is only courtesy of The Evil Silver Disk. If I had thought about it I should have taken an LP for him to sign, but  a lot of life that age isn’t thought about too much, just lived.


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