LJC in Connected Magazine

Guest article by LJC about the LondonJazzCollector blog and website, in Connected magazine Summer 2013 edition, published by Russ Andrews Accessories.

Connected Summer 2013 Page 1

Connected Summer 2013 Page 2

Connected Summer 2013 Page 3


3 thoughts on “LJC in Connected Magazine

  1. Nice article ! LJC, i find your blog one of the most interesting websites in existence, always new pages to discover & always great read. Amazing you have done all that in only 2 years or so…keep on the good works !


    • (Blush) I can only agree… and we are not done yet. Todays post, on jazz duets, has been the most demanding to write to date. Hopefully people find it of interest. But in many ways it’s been the most rewarding. I’ll keep going…


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