Reading blurred label photos

Ebay sellers photos are often not very helpful in that one photo of the cover including the record offers you too small and blurred a shot of the label. (Lets overlook that the cover in this case is obviously a Liberty cover, small font catalogue number,  and it is Stereo – a couple of giveaways of later provenance)

Typical BN photo

Can’t quite read the label? Help is at hand. The crucial address on the label can be read simply from the clock position at which the address ends. Division of Liberty and United Artists labels have a very long footprint, New York USA is very short, as is 47 West 63rd – with the exception of the 1957 “New York 23” suffix, which is exceptionally long.


No need to fret about reading the blurred letters; the length of the address and the clock position at which it ends can be easily decyphered. For Microgroove records (mono) simply read off the letter in the word “LONG PLAYING” that the address text stops at.


Job done. No more worry about those blurry photos. Clock position tells all.


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